Franklin Resources Inc. (BEN) Stock Analysis Pollie Style – 2018

Stock Analysis Pollie-style – BEN – 2018

Today I will do an analysis of one of the companies I already own. If we take a look at how my dividend is spread over the year, you can see that the months January/April/July/October are lacking a bit. So I decided to look into high quality dividend stocks that pay their dividend in these months.

For my analysis I use a lot of data from the Internet and from the company itself. But most data I get from the famous CCC-list, which was created by David Fish and is now maintained by Justin Law.

One of the companies that I own and that pay its dividend in the first month of every quarter is Franklin Resources.



This analysis is on Franklin Resources Inc. (BEN).


From google finance: Franklin Resources, Inc. (Franklin), is a holding company. Franklin together with its various subsidiaries (collectively, the Company), is referred to as Franklin Templeton Investments, is a global investment management organization offering investment management and related services under the Franklin, Templeton, Mutual Series, Bissett, Fiduciary and Darby brand names.

It provides services to investment funds in jurisdictions globally, which include the United States- and non- United States-registered open-end and closed-end funds, unregistered funds, and institutional, high net-worth and separately-managed accounts.

The Company’s investment management and related services include fund administration, shareholder services, transfer agency, underwriting, distribution, custodial, trustee and other fiduciary services. Its sponsored investment products include a range of equity, hybrid, fixed-income and cash management funds and accounts, including alternative investment products.

Can I explain this to a 10-year old? What Does This Company Do?
This company owns mutual funds (it is a mutual funds company) and manages them. You can invest your money by buying a mutual fund from them.


Pollie-code Analysis

Dividend Aristocrat: BEN is paying Dividend for 38 years in a row. It is therefore a Dividend Aristocrat on the CCC-list from David Fish! (No.68). That’s a Pass!

Dividend Yield > 2.5%: The dividend Yield of BEN is 2.87%. This is below the industry average of 3.05%. But it is above the 5 years average (1.49%). The Yield is above the requirements of the Pollie-Code, and therefore it passes the second Pollie-code.

Dividend payout <70%: The dividend payout is roughly 29%. This is below the maximum ratio. This’s what a DGI wants. So also passed for this point.

DGR 1 year > 0%:  The dividend growth rate for 1, 3, 5 and 10 years are 11.1, 18.6, 16.9 and 14.9. With a 3-years average around 18% this looks very good! And it is above the requirements of the Pollie-code, so it is a pass.

P/E-ratio < 15: This is an easy metric that is well documented. It can be used as a quick metric to identify stocks that may potentially be undervalued. I use this to identify stocks that may be discounted compared to the overall stock market. BEN has a current P/E ratio of 10.14. The industry average is 18.6. The P/E ratio is below the industry average. And it is lower that its 5-years average (15.5). This is a pass.

EPS > 0:  The EPS is 3.16. So BEN passed the sixth Pollie-Code

ROE > 10%: Return on equity measures a corporation’s profitability by revealing how much profit a company generates with the money shareholders have invested.  The current ROE is 13.72%. This is above the requirements from the Pollie-Code. Therefore it is a pass.

Market Cap. > 100M: No problem at this point. The Market cap. Is more than $ 17.490 Mil. You guested it already: Another pass.

Chowder Rule > 12: Named after “Seeking Alpha” member Chowder. This is a method of identifying candidates for purchase based on a combination of yield and (5-year) dividend growth rate. When the sum of these elements is above 12%, the company presents an attractive entry point (8% for utilities). When the figure is above 8%, an existing holding is still considered worthy of being retained. The current Chowder rule is 19.8. This is therefore a pass on the Pollie-code.

Stock price 52wk high-25%: The 52 wk. high and low are: 42.79 and 31.28. This means that BEN will be in my buying zone when the stock price is below 39.91 ((42.79-31.28)*0.75 + 31.28). At this moment BEN is trading for $32.14. Therefore it is a pass on the Pollie-Code.

Beta: I think it’s important to have low Beta stocks in my portfolio. This helps to have a stable income all the time, even when the market has a rapid decline. The Beta for BEN is 1.55.

Debt/Equity ratio: The Debt/Equity ratio of BEN is around 0.11.This is nice and low. I really like these kinds of Debt/Equity ratios.




When I look at my analysis, BEN has passed all the requirements from the Pollie-code! This is great!

If I look at this analysis, I’m still happy to be an owner of this company 🙂 . And I will leave BEN on my watch list for some extra stocks in the future. I love stocks with a good dividend yield and a high DGR.

What are you – the readers, thoughts on Franklin Resources Inc.? Is it a buy, do you own it?Please comment on my analysis and thanks for stopping by!



Disclaimer: I’m not a registered investment adviser, investment professional, brokerage firm or investment company. Readers are advised that information on the website is issued solely for information purposes and not to be construed as an offer or recommendation to buy, hold, or sell any securities. All information, opinions, and analyses included are based on sources believed to be reliable, but no representation or warranty is made concerning accuracy, correctness, timeliness, or appropriateness. Please consult with an investment professional before investing any of your money.



7 thoughts on “Franklin Resources Inc. (BEN) Stock Analysis Pollie Style – 2018

  1. Scott

    Thank you for the information on BEN. They are on my watch list but I continue to be concerned about the long-term impacts of assets under management continuing to go down. If this can’t be corrected, it will have a material long-term impact on the dividend, which isn’t good for dividend growth investors. Everything else with Ben is excellent.

  2. DivvyDad

    Nice analysis and review of how it meets your Pollie Code! I’m a fellow shareholder on BEN with just under 60 shares at a cost of about $33.70/share. I really like it at the current levels and would be tempted to add more, but trying to bring up some other positions first.

    1. Pollie Post author

      i’m still in doubt. BEN is a great stock, but there are some risk. At this moment I think I will buy some extra in the near future. It all depends on other buying opportunities

  3. Jung in Rente

    Franklin Resources currently scores -19.4 points in our stock screener, which means that we wouldn’t put in on our watchlist yet. However, BEN looks like a robust company with steady growth that is moderately priced at the moment. If its dividend yield would just increase a little bit above 3%, I would get even more tempted to initiate a position myself.

    – David

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