Watch list May 2016

Here a post to organize my brain, and write down the stocks that are in my opinion worth tracking.

I want to make something clear. This watch list is not a recommendation to buy these stocks. I use this watch list as a way to track potential investment opportunities. It doesn’t mean that I’ll buy these shares if the hit a right price. It just means that I’ll be considering buying them.

The stocks listed below are in random order. On some stocks I already did some research. You can click on the ticker symbol to go to these blog posts.

Ticker Current Price Div. Yield Div growth 3yrs
JNJ 114.85 2.840% 7.1%
MMM $169.95 2.63% 20.2%
PG $82.36 3.26% 6.0%
WFC $49.30 3.10 23.70
AAPL $93.24 2.46% 73.50%
ABT $38.05 2.74% -22.40%

What are your ideas about these stocks? What stocks are on our watch list?

I like to hear from you!




8 thoughts on “Watch list May 2016

  1. Captain Dividend

    All seem to be pretty good stocks overall. I always find issues with any stock however even the ones I purchase on any given day. I bought JNJ a few months ago under $100 but the valuation here is getting a bit high especially in the face of the pending litigation regarding the talc baby powder. With PG I was disappointed in the last dividend raise, great company otherwise. Both will do great in the long run though.
    I’m not on board with AAPL however. I could be 100%wrong. I just don’t see the innovation which will drive growth going forward. Maybe if they start making cars or something, but when you get as big as AAPL it’s hard to maintain that growth. These are the posts I really look forward to from fellow bloggers. Thanks for the list !

  2. DividendMill

    I have them all except PG. Recently I added some AAPL and ABT on the dips.

    For sure AAPL can’t continue the (dividend) growth, but remember the stock is now a value stock, not a growth stock.

    The dividend growth for ABT: 0,26 this year, from 0,22 two years ago, makes a dividend growth of 5,7% a year??

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