How to Retire Early – Book review

It is important to keep educate yourself. Stephen Covey calls it Sharpen the saw.

To do this, I follow seminars and/or webinars, read books and blog posts from fellow DGI’s. This to gain new insights and of course learn something new.

I read a lot of books, all kind of books. From biographies, management books to of course financial books. I really enjoy reading. This joy I hope to give to my kids! Reading books opens up a whole new life and you enrich yourself with new knowledge. What a great gift!

In my 2016 goals I wrote that I would read at least one book every quarter. And I will share my new knowledge with you, my readers. I will do this to keep the snowball of knowledge rolling.

Here is the third book review for Polliesdividend.


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How to Retire Early, your guide to getting rich slowly and retiring on less – by Robert and Robin Charlton.

This book is an incredible example of a retirement story of an everyday couple. The book tells the tale of exactly how Robert and Robin Charlton were able to retire after just 15 years of saving by the age of 43.

In this book they share almost everything about their finances. They tell you how much money they saved each year and what steps they took to get there. And as a reader you can learn that you don’t have to make a lot of money, or know which stock will be hot each year.

The beauty of their approach is, that is very simple and nothing technical or complicated. Everybody can do it!

An important part of their plan was that they realized that a job (and preferably a better paying job) was essential. The salaries of their jobs were a tool to realize their goal. Before investing in stocks or index funds they first invested in themselves. Education to get a change of a better job. Robert ended up working his way up to a higher paying job and Robin completely changed occupations.  By the end of their 15-year stretch, the two of them were earning a combined income of almost $140,000 annually!

When their income increased, they continued to live as they always had. By living on the same budget with increasing income, they had more money left over to save and invest. At the end of their journey they save as high as $ 44,000 annually. As I already said, they are very open in this book and at the end of the book, you can see detailed charts on exactly how much they saved each year!

The couple invested mostly in index funds. No fancy stock picks or other complicated financial products.

Ever since retiring, the couple has enjoyed traveling to wherever they desire.  You can visit their website to see what they up to right now. WhereWeBe.com.

I really enjoyed this book. Robert and Robin are very open and help you get confidence that early retirement is possible for everybody. You just have to dedicate yourself to the idea of making early retirement a reality, and then have the discipline to follow through for many years to come. Reading this book was time well spend. Thumbs up!





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Have you read this book? What do you think of the lessons from this book?


One thought on “How to Retire Early – Book review

  1. Lee

    The only disagreement I have with their philosophy is not improving their lifestyle when their income increased; if only, and preferably, fractionally. You should live a little today while planning for tomorrow. Unless you already feel you have everything you want, of course.

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