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Here is the tenth book review for Polliesdividend.

It is important to keep educate yourself. Stephen Covey calls it Sharpen the saw.

To do this, I follow seminars and/or webinars, read books and blog posts from fellow DGI’s. This to gain new insights and of course learn something new. And because reading is FUN!

I read a lot of books, all kind of books. From biographies, management books to of course financial books. I really enjoy reading. This joy I hope to give to my kids! Reading books opens up a whole new life and you enrich yourself with new knowledge. What a great gift!

In my 2017 goals I wrote that I would read at least two books every quarter. And I will share my new knowledge with you, my readers. I will do this to keep the snowball of knowledge rolling.




Rich Habits – By Thomas C. Corley

I was looking at Amazon.com for some inspirations for new books to read and this book somehow caught my attention. It was a five star rating book at Amazon, so it made me curious. It has been around for a few years, but good rules/habits are timeless, right?

Rich Habits, The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, by Thomas Corley is a short book, just shy of 100 pages. So there is no excuse not to read this book. Corley wrote down some great set of rules for those who want to accumulate wealth.


Unsuccessful people have bad habits


During the research for this book, Corley interviewed a lot of successful people as well as those who weren’t so successful. During these interviews he found key differences in actions and attitudes. He used these key differences to create a training program to help people to ‘reprogram’ themselves for greater success that worked for him and for others.

The book starts with several stories of problems people found themselves in (I have no idea if they are real or not) and how they turned their lives into financial successes.


The Habits

The training program consisted of 10 habits:

  1. I will form good daily habits and follow these good daily habits every day.
    Good daily habits are the foundation of success. Just invert your “bad” habits in to good ones and live by them. For example, if a bad habit is “I don’t exercise regularly”, change it to “I exercise 30 minutes each day”.
    Make a list of your good habits and check off each day those you did.
  2. I will set goals and will focus on these goals.
    Successful people are goal-orientated.
  3. I will engage in self-improvement every day.
  4. I will take good care of my health.
  5. I will network with like-minded people and cut ties that are harmful or destructive
  6. I will live a balanced life (work, play, family, sport are all balanced).
  7. I will adopt a “Do it now” mindset
  8. I will focus on the positive
  9. I will save 10% of my gross income every paycheck
  10. I will control my thoughts and emotions.

These easy to understand habits will help you to become a healthier and richer person.


My thoughts

In my opinion, this book is a fun to read. With these habits everyone can reach a better life. I must say, these habits are pretty basic. And if you already have read a lot of books on finance (as I do), you’ll find no new ideas. This book is a great way to start if you’re new to finance.

What I like about this book is that this book doesn’t make you feel bad, it just gives you a guide to a better life. It is a basic book and times well spend for newbies on finances.


“Adopt a Do It Now mindset”


And If I take a look at these habits, I can say that I life by most of these habits. 🙂


Take away

Okay, what do I take away from this book after I digested it?

  • It is an easy and nice to read book
  • You can read the book in just one hour.
  • Very practical book, with a great set of habits for a good life.
  • Pretty basic (common sense) habits.



The Pollie-rating for this book is:



Have you read this book? What do you think of this book?



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4 thoughts on “Rich Habits– Book review

  1. Dividend Portfolio

    I didn’t read the book but it sounds like good advice. The only problem is, I think most people know what to do, but doing it is actually much harder. Even with the cited in the book, it seems overwhelming. But, I imagine that if a person just try to improve maybe one area of their life at a time, it will eventually be positive overall.

    I’m glad you enjoy reading the book and kudos on your goal to improve your knowledge and education by reading quality books.

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