Recent buy – AbbVie – July 2019

A new buy for my Vrijheid Fonds – AbbVie

Last month I have already bought some extra AbbVie for my Vrijheid Fonds. For more information about my buy in June, just read my post Recent buy – AbbVie – July 2019. I have made this buy just before the announcement of AbbVie on buying Allergan. The market reacted very strongly on this announcement. The stock price dropped almost 15%. A case of bad timing? A have writen a post to answer this question. For more information about this announcement and my timing, just read Bad timing on buying AbbVie?

Last year I did an analysis of AbbVie. If you haven’t read my analysis, please take a look at this post aboutAbbVie Stock Analysis Polliestyle – 2019.


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I still believe the credo to be on time in the market, then timing the market. So, with still lower stock prices on AbbVie, I couldn’t resist to pull my buy trigger. I again have averaged down on this Dividend Aristocrats. This week I made my Fifth buy in 2019 for my Vrijheid Fonds.

This week I’ve bought 11 shares of ABBV at $ 67.34 per share (incl. fees). With this buyI added almost €9 (after taxes) of projected dividend to my Vrijheid Fonds for 2019. Now I own 44 shares of AbbVie and this position produces € 83 ($ 92) after taxes in dividend income annually.

The projected dividend income for 2019 for my Vrijheid Fondsis € 4,033.

Again, a small step in my journey and one-step closer to my goal. Has anyone else invested in this company recently? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!



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3 thoughts on “Recent buy – AbbVie – July 2019

  1. Robbert

    yes, i also did it on the most wrong moment.i got 20 and now on a loss off 14%
    I didn’t buy more since. i doubt if i will buy more and didn’t decide yet.

      1. R Schuchner

        No i am 53 and can hold it for long time.
        Shell also got down 5%. But is also not a problem and i buy more shell shares.

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