Expected Dividend Increases in March 2020

Expected Dividend Increases in March 2020 for my Vrijheid Fonds.

If you have visited Polliesdividend more often, you know that I track the dividend increases of the companies in myVrijheid Fonds. In this post I try to summarize as many companies that are expected to announce a dividend increase in this month.

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Why you ask? I find it fun to track the dividend increases because I like companies that regularly increase their dividend. I believe that companies can only increase their dividends regularly if they grow earnings sufficiently. And it is the most outward sign by management as to how business is going. These companies show confidence in the potential growth of future earnings. And that are the kind of companies I like in my Vrijheid Fonds.


Last month

But before I take a look at the month of March, just let us first look back if the companies of the previous month’s article did what I expected.


3M COmpany (MMM)

On February 4th, 3M announced 2.08% increase of their dividend. This marks the 62nd consecutive year 3M has increased its dividend. The company has paid dividends to its shareholders without interruption for over 100 years.

  2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 DGR-10yrs
MMM 2.08% 5.9% 16% 15.7% 5.9% 10.9%

Table 1. Dividend increases of MMM

Unfortunately, this raise was below my prediction. I hope that 3M will not go further on this path of declining dividend raises.


Walmart (WMT)

On February 18th, 2020 Walmart announced a 1.9% increase of their dividend. This increased marked their 47th consecutive year of dividend increases.

  2020 2019 2018 2017 DGR-10yrs
WMT 1.9% 1.9% 2.0% 2.0% 9.4%

Table 2. Dividend increases of WMT.

I was spot on with my prediction. For more information about this increase see my post about this dividend increase of WMT.


Coca Cola (KO)

This Dividend King has paid a quarterly dividend since 1920 and has increased dividends in each of the last 57 years. I love this kind of companies. On February 20th 2020, the board of Directors of The Coca-Cola Company approved the company’s 58th consecutive annual dividend increase, raising the quarterly dividend 2.5 percent, from $0.40 to $0.41

  2020 2019 2018 2017 DGR-10yrs
KO 2.5% 2.6% 5.4% 5.7% 7.5%

Table 3. Dividend increases of KO.

I was spot on with my prediction. It was right smack in the middle. For more information about this increase see my post about this dividend increase of KO.


Aflac (AFL)

On February 4th, AFLAC Incorporated (AFL) announced a 3.7% increase in its quarterly dividend. Aflac raised its dividend from $0.27 to $0.28.

  2020 2019 2018 2017 DGR-10yrs
AFL 3.7% 3.8% 19.54% 4.82% 6.8%

Table 4. Dividend increases by Aflac

This increase was right in the middle of my prediction. I’m happy with this increase.


Royal Ahold Delhaize (XAMS: AD)

Ahold Delhaize is one of the world’s largest retail groups, operating strong local consumer brands in the United States and Europe. In the beginning of March, Ahold Delhaize announced a 11.1% increase of their dividend.

  2019 2018 2017 DGR-10yrs
XAMS:AD 11.1% 10.5% 9.6% 1.9%

Table 5. Dividend increases of Ahold Delhaize.

This increase was right in the middle of my prediction. And I’m happy with this nice increase. For more information about this increase see my post about this dividend increase of Ahold Delhaize.


NN Group NV

This financial services company with a rich history that stretches over 170 years, announced on February 13th, 2020 a 12.90 % increase of its final dividend for 2019. The dividend is raised from €1.24 to €1.40. The total dividend for the financial year of 2019 is € 2.16, which is an increase of 13.68% over 2018

  2019 2018 2017 DGR-10yrs
XAMS.NN 13.68% 14.46% 7.10% n.a

Table 6. Dividend increases NN Group NV

I did not expect this increase this soon. So, it came as a little, but very pleasant, surprise for me. For more information about this increase see my post about this Final-Dividend increase NN Group.



On February 18th this world-leading resources company, announced a 18.19% increase of its interim dividend. They raise their interim dividend from $1.10 to $1.30.

I didn’t predict this increase, but it is very welcome!



On February 13th South32 Ltd reported their 2020 half year financial results. I have missed this, and I was caught by surprise of what I read. To be short, SOUHY slashes its interim dividend by 65%. Ouch!

South32 Ltd has been paying dividend ever since they were spun-off from BHP Billiton. That is also why I own this stock. But the time has come to rethink my position in SOUHY


These were my dividend increase for the month of February. I had 7!! Dividend increases and unfortunately on dividend cut. All these nice increases (and one dividend cut 😔) are responsible that my annual dividend will increase with a total of € 42.47 ($ 45.51)

My Vrijheid Fonds is working for me and gives me some extra money just by doing nothing! All in all, again a great month for my Vrijheid Fonds.



Here are my predictions for the dividend increases in March 2020.


Realty Income (O)

The monthly dividend company has been raising its its dividend like clockwork. It is no surprise for the regular visitors to my website that I’m a big fan of this company. I have been a shareholder since June 2014, and from my experiences it is fair to say that the increase announcements in April aren’t the biggest every year. So, in my opinion Realty Income is not likely to reward investors with a massive bump in april of this year.

  2019 April 2018 April 2017April DGR-10yrs
O 0.2% 0.2% 0.3% 5.3%

Table 7. Dividend increases of O

I looked on the Internet and in their latest company financial information. On the basis of my own little research I expect the increase to be around the same as the last couple of years.

Current Dividend Yield: 3.38%

Prediction quarterly dividend: 0.2% – 0.3% increase to $0.2330-0.2332



For only one excellent company of my Vrijheid Fonds I predict an increase of their dividend. This is not that much, but I hope I will get some more surprises. I’m excited how my predictions will turn out. Next month I will write a review and look back at my predictions. I can’t wait for the month March and the dividend increase(s) that will be announced. I’m always excited about new dividend increases. I hope that I’m as right as my predictions for last month 😉

How many of these companies do you own? Which other increases do you expect? Can’t wait to read your responses. Happy investing everyone!




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