Milestone: Vrijheid Fonds Reaches €50,000

This week my Vrijheid Fonds reached €50,000 ($60,775) for the very first time. My portfolio is all about dividend income, and therefore I’m not as concerned about my total portfolio value. But it is still nice to see the value increases with new capital and capital gains.

The Vrijheid Fonds started 2014 with a value of € 36,561. So the value has increased by more than 14%.

So I’m pleased that I achieved this milestone. The recent surge in my portfolio’s value is attributable to the following four sources: Stock appreciation, fresh new capital, appreciation of the Dollar vs Euro, and dividends.

The next milestone for my Vrijheid Fonds is €60,000. I hope to reach this milestone in the fall of 2015.

2 thoughts on “Milestone: Vrijheid Fonds Reaches €50,000

  1. DGC

    Congratulations with your portfolio size milestone, and even more important the DG! As Dutch investors we were helped by the EURUSD IN 2014 and it looks it will be so in 2015 again 🙂

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