My blogging 2015 in review

As I wrote in my review of my 2015 goals, it has been a good year for my Vrijheid Fonds. 2015 has been the first complete year as a blogger. It still was hard sometimes to find the time to write a post. But I enjoyed every second of it. It was also educational, because English is not my native language. During this year I learned new words and proverbs.

With my blog I started this year with an average of 35 views per day. Now I have an average of 68 views per day and about 25 visitors per day. I’m proud of it!

And I’m grateful of al the comments visitors wrote on my site. Thank you for it! I really appreciated it!

I started Polliesdividend blog in June 2014 after being inspired by some of the many great personal finance blogs out there that chronicled their individual journeys to financial independence and retirement. I wanted to share my journey to hopefully inspire others and also to track my progress towards my ultimate goal of financial independence.

By writing this post I can see how my site has grown since my first post was published in June 2014. As I already wrote, blogging has grown on me. It is a good way to share knowledge and it helps me in my decision-making. And of course to sometimes clear my head 😉 The downside is that it takes more time than I original thought ;-( . But the positive side wins with a landslide!

Today’s blog post will highlight a few milestones for the site.

2015 Overview
Page views: almost 25,000
Average view per day: 68
Blog post: 83
Best read article: Some impressive stocks (click here)
Countries: 28% of my traffic is from the US, 20% from The Netherlands, 8% from Spain and Germany and 5% from Canada.

In total people from 102 countries! Came to my blog and read my posts.

Fellow DGI’s referred to my site. I’m thankful for this. This means they liked my posts. Most referrals:

Dividend hawk

Thanks guys! I really appreciate it!

Popular Posts
If you miss any of my most popular posts, take the time to read them. These were my top posts of the year:

Teaching my kids
In 2015 I started the series: Teaching my kids.

In this series I will be writing some post to try to educate my kids. I know they are still very young (4 and 7) but it is never too early to start. And the can read these blog posts later on in life 😉 (This is probably the case, because they don’t speak or read English very well at this moment – You got to love an understatement!).

For young kids it is in my opinion the best way to learn about money and the value of it just by playing. Research here in The Netherlands shows that kids, who have learned about financial affairs/stuff, will be more financial stable, later on in life. And they most likely will not come into financial troubles.

In 2015 I wrote 4 posts in this series. For 2016 I have already some new ideas for some posts. If you missed the posts in this series, take the time to read them.


If I take a step back and look at the stats above, it provides me further motivation to keep investing and sharing my experiences with you, my readers. This blogging review gives me a nice opportunity to thank all of you that stopped by, commented, or shared any post through the various social media networks. I’m proud of little blog that has grown to what it is today.

So thank you again and a dividend rich 2016 for us all.



7 thoughts on “My blogging 2015 in review

  1. Roadmap2Retire

    Glad some of the traffic came from my blog 🙂

    Looks like 2015 was a great year. Keep up the great work, Pollie.


  2. Team CF

    Yay, count us towards the 20% from the Netherlands! We liked the Teaching my Kids posts, good food for thought.

    Blogging does take up much more time than you realize. That is why we don’t set a goal for the number of posts for example, as it completely depends on how much time we have (hint, not a lot). Still, great fun and as you noted, it’s great to have people comment on your posts.


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