Recent buy PG – Averaging down

In April of 2015 I did my first purchase of Procter & Gamble. It is a great dividend aristocrat, which will perform well over time.

With the nice pull back of the market this week, I rearranged some cash and quickly donated some fresh capital to my Vrijheid Fonds. This pull back gave some nice opportunities. And today I acted on one. Today (August 26th) I bought 20 shares of PG at $70.03 per share (excl. fees). With this purchase I averaging down my position on PG

With this buy, I added a little bit more than € 10 (after taxes) of dividend to my Vrijheid Fonds for this year. The projected dividend income for 2016 for PG is € 75.

Again a small step in my journey. And one step closer to my goal.

Has anyone else invested in this company recently? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!



7 thoughts on “Recent buy PG – Averaging down

  1. Captain Dividend

    I love the buy here. I have PG on my short list for my next purchase also. Wish I had money to spend now with the market correction going on. I just hope it stays at these levels long enough for me to make at least one purchase.

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