Tribute to David Fish

Early this week, the sad news reached me that an important person for me has passed away. David Fish, one of my favorite authors on Seeking Alpha, and a great inspiration for me as a DGI has sadly passed away.




First and foremost, my heart goes out to David’s family. Although I never had the honor to meet David, I felt I knew him. Because every research that I did for my investing decision started with the great work of David.

I have been following David for a long time on Seeking Alpha and as SA says perfectly in their statement: David embodied the true spirit of what SA has been striving to achieve – reaching investors of all types and backgrounds and generously sharing investment ideas and imparting wisdom.



And that is what David did. He was the creator of the world famous CCC-list. The list derived its name from the three groups of companies of dividend growth: Champions (more than 25 years), Challengers (between 10 -24 years) and Contenders (between 5 and 9 years).

He published this list every month for more than a decade. And as I said, I used this list as starting point of every investing research I did. I’m thankful for all the information and inspiration David gave me. David will be missed tremendously!


Thank you David, God Bless you!


If you have been inspired and helped by David’s list, please leave a note at his guestbook


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