Watch list July 2015

Here my post to organize my brain, and write down all the stocks that ar in my opinion worth tracking..

I want to make something clear. This watch list is not a recommendation to buy these stocks. I use this watch list as a way to track potential investment opportunities. It doesn’t mean that I’ll buy these shares if the hit a right price. It just means that I’ll be considering buying them.

The stocks listed below are in random order. On some stocks I already did some research. You can click on the ticker symbol to go to these blog posts.

Ticker Current Price Div. Yield Div growth 3yrs
OHI $ 34.87 6.29% 9.2%
HCP $ 37.00 6.20% 4.3%
JNJ $98.56 3.08% 7.0%
MSFT $44.37 2.81% 19.1%
MMM $155.38 2.66% 15.8%
WMT $71.80 2.76% 11.0%
GIS $56.99 2.97% 11.2%
PNR $67.75 1.31% 11.2%
EMR $55.90 2.45% 7.0%
PG $79.96 2.99% 7.2%

What are your ideas about these stocks? What stocks are on our watch list?

I like to hear from you!



5 thoughts on “Watch list July 2015

  1. roadmap2retire

    Some really good names here under considerations, Pollie. I should have a closer look at some industrial names like EMR and PH. EMR esp has taken quite a beating and looks attractive and most other DGIs have started taking a close look at it. Would also love to add MMM to my portfolio.

    Thanks for sharing your watchlist.

    Best wishes

    1. polliesdividend Post author

      Hello R2R,
      Thaks for your reaction.
      I like EMR but PH i have to dive into.
      i also love to have MMM on board. However at this moment i find them a little bit to expensive. But it is a good stock to do my analysis on in the next couple of month


  2. Div4son

    I have 9/10 stocks on my general watch list. (PNR is the odd ins out). For this month, I am trying to add more value, but if the opportunity presents itself, I will be happy to add any of your suggestions to my portfolio.

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