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Dividend for Starters nominated me for a Liebster Award. What is a Liebster award I thought at first? So I look around on the net and found the meaning of this nice award. It is always an honor to receive an award. I think it is not only excellent for motivation, but it means that readers (or at least one reader) are appreciating the topics I write on. Personally, that is a wonderful feeling. It’s great to feel appreciated. So thank you so much Dividend for Starters!

For accepting the award you need to write a blog post and answer the questions asked. So here I go, these are the questions that DfS asked me, and after there is the list of the 5 bloggers I am going to pass the award on to, and their questions as well.

These were the questions DfS asked me.

Did you try other methods of investing before getting into DGI?
Yes I did some mutual fund investing and some individual stock picking. I had some losses and wins. But overall I wasn’t satisfied. See also About on my Blog. As I wrote on my blog, when I turned 40 I looked at my net worth and I was shocked. This motivated me to get my act together. I started rearranging my portfolio and started with dividend-growth-investing. I realize that I should have started earlier. But I can’t change my past but I can influence my future! And I’m using my Blog is a written account of my journey

What’s your favorite movie?
This is Scent of a woman, with Al Pacino. A really great movie. Yabadabadoo!

If you have a spouse, does he or she support you with this journey?
Yes she’s supporting me all the way.
Investing is my hobby, she is supporting me but doesn’t interfere with my decisions. I only invest with my own money.

Which book are you currently reading?
At this moment I’m reading two books. For entertainment Discovery of heaven from Harry Mullish and for my hobby The dividend investor from Rodney Hobson

What’s your opinion about Bitcoin and do you own any?
I do not have any Bitcoin. I think it is way to overvalued these days. I don’t understand Bitcoin much or the process of mining them. And I don’t know if it is really gonna last

For my own nominations, I’d like to nominate the following blogs.

  1. Dutch dividend
  1. Dividend Diplomats
  1. Dividend Mongrel
  1. Passive income Mavericks
  1. Roadmap2Retire

My questions for my nominees:

  1. Did you try other methods of investing before getting into DGI?
  2. What was your worst and best investment?
  3. Do you have any foreign investments and why?
  4. What is the first investment/financial book that pops into your mind when I say, “What’s your favorite book?” And why?
  5. What do you hope a typical day in your life will look like in 10 years?


4 thoughts on “Liebster Award

    1. polliesdividend Post author


      Thanks for dropping by, i appriciate you took time to read my blog and place a comment!
      A supporting spouse is essential. Without her support it would be much kore difficult.
      I’m blessed!


  1. Dividend Diplomats


    Thank you very much for nominating us for the award. It is a great honor. We love this community because of all of the followers and other bloggers that provide wonderful feedback, new investment ideas, and encouragement to strive for financial independence. I have learned more about myself and investing in the last three months than the last three years. We enjoy having you along as a follower and are glad you are on board fighting the great fight!

    We actually just published a Liebster Award article and nomintated three Dividend Mantra, Asset Grinder, and Dividend Life for the award. So I think we may pass on writing a new article and nominating new individuals. Here are the answer to your five questions though from me (Bert).

    1. I tried investing in value companies without very much success. So I decided to begin investing in DGI companies to build a sustainable portfolio. You need a lot of time and reasearch tools at your disposal to invest in value companies (in my opinion). Sadly, I have neither of those at this time of my life.
    2. Best Investment. I invested in Kraft right after its spin-off in 2012 and have watch the stock continue to grow. My worst investment was BBY. I thought I was catching the company at the bottom and the the wheels really fell off of the wagon. I am not trying to have a shameless plug here, but I wrote an article about in the early stages of my blog. I added a link to the end of the comment if you are interested in reading.
    3. I have invested in BP and Shell, two foreign oil ocmpanies. They are some of the largest names in the oil game. If I am going to invest internationally, I want to find companies that are diversified throughout the globe and offer a strong dividend. Because of the foreign tax issue in the US, I try to keep all foreign investments in my Roth IRA to avoid as many tax headaches as possible. I invested in Shell before I started utilizing my Roth more, so it is my lone exception to this rule.
    4. When I first started investing Lanny bought me a book called “The Little Book about Big Dividends” by Charles Carlson. It is a must read for any Dividend investor and it helped shaped my investing philosophy.
    5. Hopefully enjoying my a beautiful day with my family, relaxing at home, and managing a diverse investment and reale estate portfolio.

    Thanks again for the nomination!

    Bert, One of the Dividend Diplomats

    Best Buy Article Link: http://wp.me/p4DBpK-4u

    1. polliesdividend Post author


      Thanks for your post and your anwsers. I really appreciate it!
      I don’t know the book. I will look for it here in The Netherlands and read it.
      I agree with you that it is a great community, where we learn from each other and also learn a lot of myself. It feels like we are on a journey together.
      I reaaly love to read your blog post and enjoy having you as followers.


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