New purchases this week

As I said in my Waychlist note a couple of days ago, I have some cash for some new purchases. This money was burning in my pocket and I was getting a little tired of sitting on the sidelines. This week I bought two new stocks and invested $4290. Here is my transactions summary for my purchases this week.

1. Target (TGT)

Every dividend growth invester knows Target. Just open your seeking alpha app and a lot of different (some real good) analysis can be found on Target. After my own analysis, I felt the time was right to spend some of my burning cash. I invested $2156 resulting in 36 shares. This will add $75 in additional annual dividend income.

2. AT&T (T)

This is also a dividend aristocrat, with a high dividend yield. And since this week I am the proud owner of 60 shares of the stock. My total investment was $2136. This will add $110.40 to annual dividend income.

In total, I added $185.20 of dividend income to my Freedom Fund this week. This is a small step in my journey to FI. I’m proud of the progress.

Has anyone else invested in the companies recently? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!



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