Recent Buy – a new addition to my Vrijheid Fonds

Last month I did my analysis on a company that allows the world to work better. A company that had his share of problems during the crisis in 2008. But they addressed the situation and are on the way to become (in my opinion) a dividend Aristocrats again. My analysis showed a company that is buyable and is trading in the undervalued zone. I put the company on my watch list. This week I put my money were my mouth was.

On the first of December I bought 60 shares of General Electric at $26.45 per share (incl. fees).

For more information and my analysis on GE just read my analysis here.

With this buy, I added a little bit more than $ 44 (after taxes) of dividend to my Vrijheid Fonds. Again a small step in my journey and a step closer to my goal.

Has anyone else invested in this company recently? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!



6 thoughts on “Recent Buy – a new addition to my Vrijheid Fonds

  1. KeithX

    I just added to my shares of GE yesterday. It is now the 5th largest holding in my portfolio. I really like the direction the company is heading, and the 3.4% dividend is great, too.
    Be blessed,

  2. roadmap2retire

    I bought shares in GE earlier this year and I think its a solid buy. I would like to add more to my position…things are looking really good for GE’s future. Good dividend yield too.


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