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In my analysis of Aflac last week I wrote that I have no financials in my portfolio. Because diversification is an important part of a good portfolio, I wanted to look in this sector/industry for my next buy.

After reading a lot of good blogs on this stock, I did my own magic on Aflac. They passed 9 out of 10 from the Pollie-Code! So it can be described as a good stock. Considering all the data, and the nice feedback I got from the blogging society, I thought AFL was buyable.

But then there is always the question, when to buy. After a little pullback in the beginning of this week, I was able to buy 24 stocks of Aflac. I paid in total $ 1,439

With this buy, I added a little bit more than $ 30 (after taxes) of dividend to my Freedom Fund. Again a small step closer to my goal.

Has anyone else invested in this company recently? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!



6 thoughts on “This week purchase

    1. polliesdividend Post author


      I think it is a great stock. It is a stock with a bit of risk because of the value of the yen. A part of their income comes from Japan. But i think it is a risk that ismwithin limits.
      Good luck with your buy

      1. stockinvestingadvisor

        Actually I’m pretty sure about 75% of their income comes from Japan. I was a holder before but I sold out of my position a while ago to pursue other investments; there’s simply too much risk with being so involved with Japan right now imo, and I think Aflac only passed some of your tests because you test for undervaluedness, and Aflac is trading at a large discount right now, but I believe the discount is rather justified for its Japanese risks.

        1. polliesdividend Post author


          Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to write a comment.
          I agree that big part of their income comes from Japan.
          I.m.o. For a diversified portfolio stocks from japan are valuable to included.
          As i wrote there is a risk, but i.m.o. These are within (my) limits.
          Everybody has to do their own math and assess which riks they are willing to take.

          I respect your opinion and i’m glad that you have shared it with me.
          Thanks for your comment and good luck with your investments


  1. DivHut

    Love the AFL purchase. It is my largest holding and they have a very high dividend growth rate as well. I have been liking the financial sector a lot for a few months and I think that energy and financial stocks present the best values in the market these days. Better than many consumer or industrial stocks for sure. I have been adding AFL, CB, WFC, and started new positions in BNS, TD and RY too. Thanks for sharing your recent updates.

    1. polliesdividend Post author

      Hello DivHut,

      Thanks for stopping by. I agree AFL is a great purchase and I have high expectations for the future. At this moment they are reasonable priced.
      Your purchases looks great. I will be looking into these stocks.

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