April 2019 Dividend Income from the Dutch Dividend Bloggers

April 2019 Dividend Income from the Dutch Dividend Series

As I already told in the March update I still finding it very difficult to find some time to write posts now that I’ve started with my new job. And this post you stilled owed from me. So, here is my post about the Dutch Dividend Bloggers for April 2019.

With my website and this post, I hope to inspire more people to start making passive income. By starting to make passive income, you will take control of your live. And with the pension discussion in the Netherlands, it is even more important to take control over your finances. Passive income gives you the freedom of time! I think that time is our greatest asset. In fact, time is far more valuable than money in my opinion.


When you let your money work for you (instead of you working for money) you will have the flexibility that comes along with not having to struggle to make ends meet at the end of the month. As long as you can ensure that your passive income outpaces your monthly expenses, you’re free to spend your time as you choose.

Thanks for all the positive feedback I got on this series! I really appreciate it! And if I look at my twitter feed (@twitter.com/Polliesdividend) I see a lot of people enjoy this Series. Keep sending me some love. And also, if you want to be included in this Series.



Passive income from the Dutch Dividend bloggers

Here is my April episode of the dividend Income from the Dutch Dividend Series. I’ve only included the bloggers that reported their dividend income on their website.

Financially in 10 years – € 62.90 – No less than 10 companies have paid Mr. Robot dividends in April. And again, he broke the € 50 mark, so the € 50+ streak continues. Keep up the good work! And of course, he had also a great YoY increase of 3030.86%!

Financemonkey –Saska only publish her dividend income report after every quarter. So, no new figures here today. If you can read Dutch, don’t forget to visit here site

Veelvoorminder  €15.01 – His focus on stability and slowly growing his passive income stream, is paying off. Okay the dividend income isn’t high yet, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in one day. Keep up the good work and let your dividend snowball get momentum.

I want Dividend – € 668.13 – Erik must be proud because he had yet another record-breaking month with a solid € 668.13 in dividend. He has received payments from 18 companies. If we take a look at last year’s April, Erik more than doubled his passive income. Amazing!

Groeigeld – €114 – Again a great month for Mr Groeigeld. He had an impressive YoY increase of 201%. It is always amazing to see the dividend snowball get momentum. Keep up the good work.

De Kleine Belegger – € 84.88 – DKB also had a good month. 7 well-known companies have paid him dividends. The absolute amounts in dividends are still small but it is a good basis for further growth. In April DKB had a YoY increase of 92%. Keep up the good work!

De Kleine Kapitalist – € 27.42 – 4 companies have paid dividends to DKK in April. Since he just started, I can’t calculate a Year-on-Year increase of his dividend income. But hey, every journey starts with the first small step. Just keep pumping in fresh cash in your portfolio.

Financieelvrijer – € 4.91 – Just a slow month of Financieelvrijer this month. Keep up the good work and adding dividend stocks.

Dividendportfolio.nl – € 29,.03 – This is the second time Dividendportfolio is listed on this list. In April he has reached its first dividend income milestone of € 25. Congrats and keep up the good work!

Dividendcompounder.nl – € 258.52 – The first month of each quarter has always been a strong month for DC. With some new additions to his portfolio he managed to collect a nice amount of passive income. With a YoY of 92% DC delivered a realy good month. Congrats!

Polliesdividend – € 352.38 – I made a nice step in my journey to Financial independence. I have received my first payment of AbbVie. And with a steady 14.87% YoY increase, you will not hear me complain. For more information about my passive income, just read my April report.



April, although being the first month of a new quarter, has been good month for the Dutch Dividend community. 10 Bloggers received and reported their dividend income in April. It was fun and inspiring to read all your dividend income reports. Man, we all can be very proud of our results! Keep adding new stocks to your portfolios and keep writing some amazing posts on your websites!

We as Dutch Dividend Bloggers made an astonishing € 1,617.19 in dividend! Amazing! Hopefully May will be even better!

If you’re not included in the list above, just leave a comment below, and I will include you in the next post.

How was your month? Did you receive more passive income than last year? I like to hear from you!



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