January 2020, Dutch Dividend Bloggers series

January 2020 Dividend Income from the Dutch Dividend Series

As frequent visitors of my website know, I’ve started a series about the dividend Income from the Dutch Dividend Bloggers back in 2018. This is really fun to write and great to see the progress of my fellow Dutchmen and women.

However, in 2019, when I started my new job, I have been struggling to collect all the data and write frequent posts for this series. This to my regret.



So, I was pleasantly surprised when De Kleine Kapitalist (DKK) reached out to me with a helping hand. He suggested to make the series a co-production, where he writes the Dutch version and I the English version. DKK is very handy with IT-stuff and he made a web crawler to automatically collect all the data.

It saves an enormous amount of time now that this process has been automated. Therefore, I can use my time to write a blog post instead of collection all the data. Compliments and praise to DKK!

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2020 is already on the way and we have left January already behind us. So, it is time for a post in my series about the passive income from the Dutch bloggers. Let’s hope that 2020 will be a healthy and dividend rich year for us all!

And you, my frequent reader, know that with this post I hope to inspire more people to start making passive income. By starting to make passive income, you will take control of your live. Passive income gives you the freedom of time! I think that time is our greatest asset. In fact, time is far more valuable than money in my opinion.

When you let your money work for you (instead of you working for money) you will have the flexibility that comes along with not having to struggle to make ends meet at the end of the month. As long as you can ensure that your passive income outpaces your monthly expenses, you’re free to spend your time as you choose.


Passive income from the Dutch Dividend bloggers

Here is my January episode of the dividend Income from the Dutch Dividend Series. I’ve only included the bloggers that reported their dividend income on their website.

DividendCompounder – € 279.55 – He had a good month. His YoY increase is a steady and nice 43%. That’s a pretty good start of the year!

Dividendportfolio – € 68.72 – A nice amount in dividend once again for dividendportfolio.nl. It is nice to see that the January dividend is slowly but surely moving towards a monthly payment of € 100. Keep up the good work!

De Kleine Kapitalist – € 19.53 – In January a total of 7 companies have paid dividend to DKK. With a YoY increase of 31%, DKK is moving slowly but surely upward. His portfolio currently has many shares that pay out in the third month of the quarter. So, I’m excited to see his March dividend income. Keep up the good work friend!

Groeigeld – €103 – Mr Groeigeld has received € 1 less dividend in January than last year. This is due to the rescheduling in his portfolio last December. However, in the rest of this year we will see a rise of his dividend income.

Mooi Dividend – € 360.05 – In January he received dividend form 13 companies. He had an impressive 156.6% YoY increase. This increase is largely due to new positions. Historically, January is normally a month with a relatively low dividend income for Mooi Dividend, so I’m curious about the rest of 2020.

Financially in 10 years – € 79.14 – Mr. Robot had a good month, with a YoY increase of 54%. So a solid month! Way to go!

Stashing Dutchman – € 173.43 – Stashing Dutchman had a good month, and besides his dividend income, he had also a nice income from its options. With a 52.22% YoY increase, January had been a good month for Stashing Dutchman. Great!

Veelvoorminder – €20.09 – A nice month for Veelvoorminder, with a stable dividend income. Keep up the good work!

MrThinkingBig – €5.41 – Since last year MrThinkingBig is rearranging its portfolio. From individual stocks to index trackers. These ETF’s doesn’t pay as regular as the individual stocks. I’m looking forward to his first quarter review.

Polliesdividend – € 82.27 – In 2019 I have received a special dividend from BHP Billiton (BBL). If I remove this special dividend from the equation, I have a YoY increase of 21.42%. This is a nice increase with which I’m happy. And what a great feeling it is, that my money is working for me! For more information about my passive income, just read my January report.



January was a slow, but good month for the Dutch Dividend community. 9 Bloggers received and reported their dividend income in January. We all worked hard to deliver strong results and some impressive dividend growth rates. Congrats to us all. Keep up the good work, and keep writing some amazing posts on your websites!

We as Dutch Dividend Bloggers made an astonishing € 1,190.19 in dividend! I’m proud of us, what a great work we all did! Let us all keep up the good work!

If you’re not included in the list above, just leave a comment below, and I will include you in the next post.



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  1. Dividendcompounder

    Thanks for the shoutout. Looks like we’re heading in the right direction. Love this Dutch community.

    I’m thinking of starting a series of interviewing the Dutch dividend investors by e-mail and publishing it on my blog. Would anyone be interested as a first interviewee?

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