Dutch Dividend Bloggers May 2020

May 2020 Dividend Income from the Dutch Dividend bloggers.

Okay, I’m a little bit late, but life is happing while you make other plans, just as Lennon says. I couldn’t find the time to write this post sooner. So, with no further ado, here is the May Summary of this great series.

May is already behind us, and I’m still working from home. I really miss the social interaction with my colleague. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining because the most important thing is that we’re all still healthy and safe. I hope this also applies to you!

Here in The Netherlands the restrictions are being removed step by step. Normal live is slowly getting back. We are still not there yet, but we’re moving in the right directions. Let’s hope that COVID-19 will not hit us with a second wave.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging around the globe, we see increasing unemployment rates across the world. Furthermore, we see a (very) volatile market and unfortunately also some dividend cuts ☹️. I must admit that my Vrijheid Fonds is not unaffected by the pandemic and this economic crisis. Let’s hope that we, as Dutch Dividend Bloggers will not be too heavily affected.


May 2020

With this series I hope to inspire more people to start making passive income. By starting to make passive income, you will take control of your live. Passive income gives you the freedom of time! I think that time is our greatest asset. In fact, time is far more valuable than money in my opinion.

When you let your money work for you (instead of you working for money) you will have the flexibility that comes along with not having to struggle to make ends meet at the end of the month. As long as you can ensure that your passive income outpaces your monthly expenses, you’re free to spend your time as you choose.

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Since the beginning of this year this series is a co-production together with De Kleine Kapitalist (DKK). He writes the Dutch version and, you guested it, I the English version. DKK is very handy with IT-stuff and with his web crawler he automatically collects all the data. This saves an enormous amount of time now that this process has been automated.

Thanks for all the positive feedback we got on this series! I really appreciate it! And if I look at my twitter feed (@twitter.com/Polliesdividend) I see a lot of people enjoy this Series. Keep sending me some love. And if you want to be included in this Series just sent an email to De Kleine Kapitalist (DKK) or Pollie@polliesdividend.com.


Passive income from the Dutch Dividend bloggers

Here is my May episode of the dividend Income from the Dutch Dividend Series. I’ve only included the bloggers that reported their dividend income on their website.

Stashing Dutchman – € 215.68 – Last year May he received $166.73 in dividends. That means that this year he received 45.47% more dividends than last year May. Nice!

Financially in 10 years – € 107.27 – Another €100+ month in the books!  Way to go! With this dividend he crossed the 35% mark of his yearly goal. Mr. Robot has a comfortable YoY increase of 26.8%!

Financemonkey  – Saska only receives here dividend at the end of every quarter. But she received some unpleasant news on the dividend of the ETF she owns. This ETF (VWRL) cuts the dividend by 32%. Luckily she doesn’t has to live from the dividend yet.

Veelvoorminder – €27.25 – The dividend is in the 20+ region again. This is great and with a YoY increase of 117% this snowball is getting momentum. Keep up the good work!

I want Dividend – € 489.37 – May is a relative calm month for Erik. He still had an impressive YoY increase of 91.5% 13 companies have paid him dividends. What a great calm month 😄

Groeigeld – €88 – Despite May being a “slow” month in terms of dividend, Groeigeld has received 30% more dividend than last year. Way to go!

De Kleine Kapitalist – € 36.39 – 7 companies have paid dividends to DKK in May. He has an impressive YoY increase of 64%. Way to go! Keep pumping in fresh cash in your portfolio.

Dividendportfolio.nl – € 78.00 – Also 7 companies in total have paid dividend. DP didn’t cross the 100 euro mark yet. But this will happen soon. Just keep adding fresh capital.

MrThinkingbig – € 6,69 – More than two dimes a day. Just by doing nothing! How great is that! Very curious about next month when the ETFs will pay out again!

De Kleine Dividend Belegger – €16.18 – 5 companies have paid dividend to DKDB! He is still pumping in extra cash to boost his dividend income. Keep up the good work!

Polliesdividend – € 243.84 – This is € 67.21 less than last year’s dividend. However, my mutual funds normally pay their dividend in May. So, If I take the dividend of the mutual funds out of the equation, my Vrijheid Fonds had an increase of 9.96%. This extra money is now working very hard for me 😄
For more information about my passive income, just read my May report.



Congratulations to everyone who is included above, on a good month!  You all work hard to deliver strong results and some impressive dividend growth rates.

We as Dutch Dividend Bloggers made an astonishing € 1,308.67 in dividend! This is money that is working for us from now on. That is the good news. The not so good news is, that we have been affected by the tumble of the markets. Because this month’s report is the first report that we have shown a decrease in dividend income compared to last year. But hey, we don’t worry about this. We see numerous buying opportunities, so next year will be a complete different story.

If you’re not included in the list above, just leave a comment below, and I will include you in the next post.



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  1. European DGI

    Really good figures!

    I increased my exposure to European stocks last year, so May was a nice juicy month of dividend income 💪

    I love this serwis, Cash od King 💰

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