Dutch Dividend Bloggers – February 2020

February 2020 Dividend Income from the Dutch Dividend Series

It is time once again for our monthly update.



Since last month this series is a co-production together with De Kleine Kapitalist (DKK). He writes the Dutch version and I the English version. DKK is very handy with IT-stuff and he made a web crawler to automatically collect all the data. This saves an enormous amount of time now that this process has been automated.

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February is already in the books, and it was a very bumpy ride. The markets across the world fell in the last week of February, mostly over concerns of the coronavirus and the oil turmoil. The Conora virus which started in China has been spreading across the globe. Lucky this isn’t (yet) reflected in the dividend we all have received

Now it is time to tell you how much dividend the Dutch Dividend Bloggers have collected in the month of February. And a spoiler alert: It was more than last years February.

With this post and with my website I hope to inspire more people to start making passive income. By starting to make passive income, you will take control of your live. Passive income gives you the freedom of time! I think that time is our greatest asset. In fact, time is far more valuable than money in my opinion.

When you let your money work for you (instead of you working for money) you will have the flexibility that comes along with not having to struggle to make ends meet at the end of the month. As long as you can ensure that your passive income outpaces your monthly expenses, you’re free to spend your time as you choose.

Thanks for all the positive feedback I got on this series! I really appreciate it! And if I look at my twitter feed (@twitter.com/Polliesdividend) I see a lot of people enjoy this Series. Keep sending me some love. And if you want to be included in this Series just sent an email to De Kleine Kapitalist (DKK) of Pollie@polliesdividend.com.


Passive income from the Dutch Dividend bloggers

Here is the February episode of the dividend Income from the Dutch Dividend Series. I’ve only included the bloggers that reported their dividend income on their website.

DividendCompounder – Dividend Compounder hasn’t published his numbers yet. I hope his is doing fine!

Financially in 10 years – € 102.02 – Mr. Robot’s portfolio brought in a steady stream of dividends of €102.02. It is great that the second month of the quarter will (also) always be a €100+ month. He had a YoY increase of 86.9%! Keep up the good work!

Veelvoorminder – €19.29 – As I already told you, Veelvoorminder is focusing on stability and slowly growing his passive income stream. And with that he is doing a great job! The dividend is coming from a couple of ETFs’. His dividend is almost in the twenties. Keep up the good work and hopefully in 2021 we will see figures in the range of 20-25.

Mooi Dividend – € 209.27 – Again a solid month with € 209.27 in dividend. He calls the month of February his slow month! I’m curious what his calls a great month 😄. He has received payments from 9 companies. And with these payments, he had a YoY increase of 65.9%. Congrats on a slow month!

Groeigeld – €110 – Mr Groeigeld had good month, thanks to the special dividend of MSM. With a YoY of 83%, it is safe to say that his dividend snowball has gotten momentum! Keep up the good work.

De Kleine Kapitalist – €27,04 – DKK received dividends from 4 companies. Last year he still had zero companies in his portfolio that pay out dividends in February, so a really great YoY result this time. The value of his dividend portfolio may have fallen sharply, but his passive income does not. Great job!!

Dividendportfolio – € 60.0 – Dividendportfolio had a good month. 25% of his dividend income of this month came from SPG. Next month will be the first time that we can calculate a Year-on-Year increase. Can’t wait for the numbers. Well done!

Stashing Dutchman – € 208.52 – Again a solid month for the Stashing Dutchman. 11 companies have paid out dividends to Stashing Dutchman. He had a 46.2% YoY increase! Keep up the good work.

ThinkingBig – ThinkingBig received a total of € 1.66 in dividends last month. All the dividend is coming from ETFs’. Although the amount in dividend is small, his total passive income is growing every month. Besides dividends he also has two other side incomes.

Polliesdividend – € 219.85 – February is a slow month for my Vrijheid Fonds. I had a steady 28.9% YoY increase. For more information about my passive income, just read my February report.



In February the stock market has gone down due to the Corona virus outbreak and the oil turmoil. The stock markets are +20% down and this of course reflects on our portfolios. But despite lower numbers in our portfolios, February has been a good month Dividend wise. 10 Bloggers received and reported their dividend income in February. We all worked hard to deliver strong results and some impressive dividend growth rates. Congrats to us all. Keep up the good work, and keep writing some amazing posts on your websites!

We as Dutch Dividend Bloggers made an astonishing € 975.83 in dividend! I’m proud of us, what a great work we all did! Let us all keep up the good work! Stay strong, stay Healthy and stick to your plan!

If you’re not included in the list above, just leave a comment below, and we (De Kleine Kapitalist and I) will include you in the next post.



5 thoughts on “Dutch Dividend Bloggers – February 2020

  1. Dividende-um-Dividende

    Hi Pollie,

    Congrats! Over 200€ for you and 975€ for the Dutch Dividend Investors is an awesome result for February. It’s tough right now in the markets but I think that we all have to keep grinding.

    It’s a severe crisis never seen before and nobody knows how hard we’ll be hit. In my opinion, it’s important invest not only in sunny times. Every crash and crisis brings chances. My approach is to carefully invest my monthly savings rate and keep the cash reserve dry for now.

    Susan (div2div)

  2. Mr. Thinkingbig

    Love the list. Keeps me motivated.

    Just checked my march statements. I will be making a substantial leap! So far the plan of switching to ETF’s has been working, only it reduced the frequency of payments. So it’s a bit more volatile for me right now. This should smooth out over the long run though.

    I did use the recent ‘opportunity’ to buy into some Realty Income and some ING. That should increase the cashflow. Unfortunately ING announced later that the dividends are cancelled 😛

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