Milestone: Portfolio Value Reaches €100,000

Yes I have reached a Milestone, my  portfolio Value Reaches €100,000

Last week I reached a new milestone with my Vrijheid Fonds. At the closing of the market on Wednesday my Vrijheid Fonds reached €100,493 ($117,111) for the very first time. My portfolio is all about dividend income, and therefore I’m not as concerned about my total portfolio value. But it is still nice to see the value increases with new capital and capital gains.





Vrijheid Fonds

I started my Vrijheid Fonds in June of 2014 with a value of € 36,561. So the value has increased by more than 275% in a little bit more than 4 years.

So I’m pleased that I achieved this milestone. The recent surge in my portfolio’s value is attributable to the following three sources: Stock appreciation, fresh new capital and reinvesting my dividends.


07 – 2014 € 36,561
12 – 2014 € 50,050
07 – 2016 € 75,193
07 – 2018 € 100,493
??? € 125,000



As impressive as this milestone is, I’m still only at the very beginning of my journey and still have a long way to go before I reach financial independence.


“The first $100,000 is a b*tch, but you gotta do it” – Charlie Munger


However setting milestones helps me with some extra motivation to get to my destination. Now that I have reached this milestone, I now have to set a next milestone for my Vrijheid Fonds, which is €125,000. And lets hope Mr. Charlie Munger is right and that now I have reached my first 100k, the rest will go much easier

Have you reached any milestone recently?  Do you set milestones for yourself? I like to hear from you.



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