My goals for 2019

My financial and blogging goals for 2019.

I know it is a little bit late but, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all a year with lots of dividend.




So 2019 is already one and a half month on its way, and I’ve finally reviewed my 2018 goals in my post reviewing my 2018 goals. So now I have done my review, it is time to set new goals for 2019. I achieved six out of seven goals (and 1 almost) in 2018 and I’m proud of it! So I need new and challenging goals for 2019.

It is always nice to think about my goals. Just sit in a quiet place (and this is hard to find in a household with two young kids 😉 ) and think of what I want to change, what to keep and what to drop.

Here are my 2019 goals:


1. Receive € 4,000+ in dividend in 2019

In 2018 I received € 3,509.82 in dividend income.

And at the time of this article, my projected annual dividend income is € 3,770. So a simple calculations shows that in order to reach this goal I have to add € 230 of annual dividend income to my Vrijheid Fonds.

At this moment my Vrijheid Fonds has an average dividend yield of 3.44%. If my new purchases will at least have the same yield, I will need almost € 6,686 new capital to invest (at the beginning of this year). But because this fresh capital will be available gradually during this year, it is a challenging goal for me. This goal will help me to come closer to my financial independence day.


2. Invest a total of € 7,500 new cash

In order to let my Vrijheid Fonds grow, it needs fresh cash. My ultimate goal is to live of my dividend Income. Therefore my Vrijheid Fonds needs to grow. In 2019 I will feed this beast at least € 7,500 of new capital. This is about 6.82% of its current value.


3. Receive €800+ on passive income from side hustles

In 2018 I set this goal for the first time, and I’ve smashed my original goal. In 2018 I received € 835.70 of side hustle income in total. For more information on my side hustle income see my side hustle report December 2018.

For 2019, I will try at least to match this income. So for 2019 I set my goal at € 800.

My current side hustles are:

  • Google AdSense
  • Bol.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Member’s Board
  • Euroclix. Click here to earn some extra cash with taking some surveys.

I’m always looking for some new ways to earn some extra money for my Vrijheid Fonds. If you have ideas for some extra side income, please let me know.


4. Write a least 100 post on Polliesdividend

Polliesdividend.com is live since July 2015, and I still enjoy writing blog posts. Writing my investing decisions down helps me to make better decisions. And it also helps me to track my progress.

Another motivation is to network more actively with other investors focused on dividend growth investing. The wider audience and increased traffic to Polliesdividend is a welcome bonus.

In 2018 I’ve changed my routine and wrote more posts than I ever did. However, the last two months of 2018 it was harder to find time to write. And the number of posts per month decreased. And also in 2019 I found it really hard to find the time to write a post. I find it more and more difficult to balance my time between family, work, sport, books and Polliesdividend. But, as I said, I enjoyed every second of it.

So for this year my goal is the same as last year.



5. Grow Polliesdividend.com to 60,000 views in 2019

Back in 2015 my plan was quite simple: By blogging my journey, I would build a following. And when I had enough followers and readers, I would hopefully be in a position to earn a little side money.

In 2018 I’ve made an enormous leap in followers of which I’m proud. In 2018 I had a total of 53,656 page views, which is an increase of more than 70% when compared to 2017. Thank you to every dedicated reader, casual fan, critic and everyone who tweeted and supported this site and my posts in 2018. I enjoy posting on this site, reading you comments and I’m glad you enjoy visiting it.

For 2019 my priority is still to increase my followers and views for Polliesdividend.com. Okay lets set a challenging goal: I want to increase my traffic by more than 10%. It is challenging but possible if I focus on regularly posting content for you, my readers. And I realize that this goal is related with goal 4. The more I post, the more traffic I garner. My hope is the site is providing value to you in some way, shape or form.


6. Keep investing in my self

I’m a big fan of Stephen Covey, and I love his books. For this goal I’ll use one of his “habits”: Sharpen the Saw. I think it is important to keep education your self. And of course maintain good health.

For my physical sharpening I will keep going to the gym.

For my mental sharpening I will follow at least 1 webinar or read 1 book every quarter. And of course continue to read (more) blogs of fellow DGI’s and articles on Seeking Alpha.

This goal is a present for my self. I hope to get new insights and investing ideas.


Summary of my 2019 Goals
  1. Receive € 4,000+ of dividend in 2019.
  2. Invest a total of € 7,500 new cash.
  3. Receive € 800+ on passive income from side hustles
  4. Write a least 100 post on Polliesdividend!
  5. Grow Polliesdividend.com to 60,000 views in 2019
  6. Take at least 1 webinar or read 1 book every quarter.


I think I have 6 achievable and challenging goals for 2019.

What do you think about my goals? Have you set goals for 2019? Leave a comment below.



7 thoughts on “My goals for 2019

    1. Pollie Post author

      Probably, but I will start a new job, so first relax and see what my new job will bring me. And 4 books are financial books. I also read “normal” books 😀

  1. DivvyDad

    Love the goals Pollie! You also gave me a good laugh with the comment about financial books vs. normal books. I often find the normal books harder to get through as I will usually devour finance books.

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