Reviewing my 2016 Goals

I’ve been thinking about my new goals for 2017. Before doing so, though, I’d like to review my 2016 goals.

2016 has been the second complete year as a DGI. And what a year it was. The value of my Vrijheid Fonds has grown. The value of my Vrijheid Fonds at January 1st, 2016 was € 63,965 and at the end 2016 the total value was € 79,158. With a donation of € 6,558 of fresh capital I made a really nice yield.

My yield for my Vrijheid Fonds in 2016 was 12.24% ((79,156 / (63,965 + 6,558) – 1). And if I compare my yield with the yield of some major indices, and can say that I’m more than proud of the yield I achieved in 2016.



For 2016, I’ve set five different goals. In 2016 it was (again) hard to find the time to write a post, especially in the months I was Ill. But I enjoyed every second of it. It was also educational, because English is not my native language. During this year I learned new words and proverbs.

In the beginning of 2016 I had an average views per day of around 60 for my. At the end the average views per day grew very slightly and I’m proud of it!

And I’m grateful of al the comments visitors wrote on my site. Thank you for it! I really appreciated it!


Goals 2016

1. Receive € 2,600 (adjusted after Q1) in dividends during the year of 2016 – Achieved!

In 2016 I received € 3,079.38 in dividend income. This is my dividend income after taxes. So yes I reached my first goal!

It is much higher than my projected income. This because of the Super dividend that I received from Ahold (€ 537.85)

My dividend income for 2016 showed an increase of more than 73% from previous year. And this I’m proud of! It is a great starting position for 2017. I hope I can keep this kind of increases for the next couple of years! 😉


2. Save 40% of my net income in 2016, averaged monthly – Achieved!
In 2016 I saved a little bit more than 42% on average of my income. So yes I achieved this goal! The extra saving has not all been used for investing. We have been saving for some home improvement. And in April of 2016 we got a brand new bath room.


3. Invest a total of € 6,000 new cash – Achieved!
In order to let my Vrijheid Fonds grow, it needs fresh cash. My ultimate goal is to live of my dividend Income. Therefore my Vrijheid Fonds needs to grow.

I donated a total of € 6,558 of fresh capital, and I’m proud of!


4. Write a least 100 post on Polliesdividend – Failed!
This will be my 86th! blog post this year.

As you know, I enjoy writing blog post. And yes I still find it hard to write a post, because English is not my native language. Therefore it takes a little bit more time to write a post. And furthermore I (mr perfect) want it to be perfect. But writing my investing decisions down helps me to make better decisions. And it also helps me to track my progress. Another motivation is to network more actively with other investors focused on dividend growth investing. The wider audience and increased traffic to Polliesdividend is a welcome bonus.

And If I take my long sick time into account (more than 3 months!), I believe I did a great job in 2016 by writing 86 posts.


5. Invest in my self by following a webinar or read a book every quarter – Achieved!

Stephen Covey called it Sharpen the Saw. I think it is important to keep education your self. And of course maintain good health.

For my physical sharpening I have been going to the gym twice a week (on average) .

For my mental sharpening I followed three webinars

  1. Master class Dividend Investing by the author of the Dutch website http://www.mijngeldwerkt.com
  2. A webinar on Dutch inheritance taxes
  3. And a webinar on negative saving rates

Furthermore I read seven books, of which 6 about investing. On all these investing books I wrote a review.

I’m proud to say I achieved this goal!



So I’m happy to report that I’ve reached four out of five goals. In my letter to my readers – Year review I will go deeper into certain goals and aspects of what happened in 2016.

Now I’ve done my review of 2016, it is time to set new goals for 2017.

Thanks for reading. Did you reached your 2016 goals? If you didn’t set goals, are you planning on setting goals for 2017? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!



10 thoughts on “Reviewing my 2016 Goals

  1. Pursuit2Freedom

    Great work Pollie! Nice to read you did well and certainly that you enjoyed doing so.
    Pitty of the 1 goal, but I know from own experience how hard it is to reach that specific target. Much harder then I imagined beforehand!
    Keep it going and enjoy the journey!

  2. J0s

    Hi Pollie, thank you for your posts in 2016 and I’m looking forward to your contributions in 2017. Good job in building your portfolio value.

    I’m wondering how much you think you need per month to be able to retire?

    1. Pollie Post author

      Hi Jos,

      Thanks for your kind words!!
      I calculated that I need a portfolio of approx. € 1,2 M
      This will give me a monthly passive income of around € 3,500
      See also my post about FI

      Do you know your monthly income for your retirement?



      1. J0s

        Well, it should be more than my expenses but I have no clue yet what will happen with the current BOX3 situation. 1,2mio will be taxed @ 15k i.e 1250/mo

        1. Pollie Post author

          I agree with you that when our current tax-system remains the same, i have to pay a lot of taxes in Box3. And that is not something I plan to do 😀

          So when my Vrijheid Fonds will reach approximately €300,000 I will set up a company (Dutch: spaar/beleg BV).
          And the taxes on a company are way lower.
          I have still some time to do more research on this subject.



  3. Team CF

    Overall a great year pollie, impressive numbers for sure! Too bad about the illness, hope you are fully revovered now.
    Did you get a new bedroom or bathroom?
    All the best in 2017, and if you want/can to join us in Antwerp i would love to pick your brain on the inheritance taxes.

    1. Pollie Post author

      Hello Team CF,

      Ha ha, we got a new bathroom (oops a typo 😉 )
      Luckily I’m feeling beter. And it gets better every day!
      Unfortunately I’m not able to join you in Antwerp in February. Maybe during the next Dutch/Belgium meeting.



  4. A Frugal Family's Journey

    Congrats on achieving 80% of your 2016 goals! We had 15 but only achieved 7. In all, as we stated in our recent post, we still feel that it was a good year as progress was still made. After all, at least for us, goals are to help us move forward and hopefully reach FI one day.

    Best wishes and may you have similar if not greater success in 2017!


  5. Stashing Dutchman

    Nice work on achieving those 4 goals. I only had 1 goal for 2016, which was to reach €20k with my portfolio, which I achieved :). I’m still thinking about my goals for 2017, not really sure just yet what I would like to achieve.

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