Reviewing my 2019 Goals

Reviewing my 2019 Goals

I’ve been thinking about my new goals for 2020. And yes, I know I’m a little bit late. However, better late than never. Before doing so, though, I’d like to review my 2019 goals.


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2019 has been the fifth complete year as a DGI and what a year it was. I’m proud to tell you that the value of my Vrijheid Fonds has grown for the fifth consecutive year. The value of my Vrijheid Fonds at January 1st, 2019 was € 102,429 and at the end 2019 the total value was € 135,643. With a donation of € 9,245 of fresh capital, I think I have made a really nice yield.

My yield for my Vrijheid Fonds in 2019 was -*-drumroll please-*- 21.46% ((136,643 / (102,492 + 9,245) – 1). And if I compare my yield with the yield of some major indices, you can see that my Vrijheid Fonds has performed a little less than these indices. But with these high yields, who is complaining of not surpassing the indices. And on top of that, with this yield I have set a new all-time high for my Vrijheid Fonds!

I’m proud of my yield of more than 21%, which is way higher than I can get on my savings account.

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For 2019, I’ve set six different goals. 2019 has been an exciting year for me. Among the ‘normal’ ups and downs, I started with a new job. After working for the same employer for more than 15 years, I underestimated the time it took to get familiar with all the processes/products of my new employer. Yes, my new job took more time than I thought 😊. So, it was once again a struggle to balance my time between family, work, sport, books and Polliesdividend. But I enjoyed every second of it. It was also educational, because English is not my native language.

I’m thankful for all the visitors to my blog and I’m grateful of al the comments visitors wrote on my site. Thank you for it! I really appreciated it!


Goals 2019


1. Receive €4,000 in dividends in 2019 – Achieved!

In 2019 I received € 4,267.17 ($ 4,770.99) in dividend income. This is my dividend income after taxes. As you can see, I have reached my goal. it has been a great year, dividend wise.

My dividend income for 2019 showed an increase of more than 21.58% from previous year, this is including the special dividend from Billiton PLC – ADR I received in 2019. For more information about my dividend, see my Dividend Income page.

I’m proud of this very nice increase! It is a great starting position for 2020. I hope I can keep this kind of increases for the next couple of years! 😉


2. Invest a total of € 7,500 new cash – Achieved!

In order to let my Vrijheid Fonds grow, this dividend factory needs fresh cash. My ultimate goal is to live of my dividend income. Therefore, my Vrijheid Fonds needs to grow.

In 2019, I have surpassed myself because I donated more fresh capital than ever before. I donated a total of € 9,245 of fresh capital, and I’m proud of!


3. Receive €800+ from side hustles Achieved!

At this moment I have five side hustles:

With these 5 side hustles I have made an astonishing € 834.31 in 2019! What a great feeling that almost 1K of extra cash is been working for me from now on!

Almost 10% of this money came from Google AdSense, so I have to thank you my readers for liking the ads on my website. I hope you will do the same in 2020.


4. Write a least 100 post on Polliesdividend – Failed!

In 2019 I wrote 88 blog posts.

Bummer, I have failed on this goal. 😔 My struggle to balance my time was hard. And as a resulted, I only found the time to write 88 post.

As you know, I enjoy writing blog post. And yes, I still find it hard to write a post, because English is not my native language. Therefore, it takes a little bit more time to write a post. And furthermore I (Mr. perfect) want it to be perfect. But writing my investing decisions down helps me to make better decisions. And it also helps me to track my progress. Another motivation is to network more actively with other investors focused on dividend growth investing. The wider audience and increased traffic to Polliesdividend is a welcome bonus.

For 2020 I really have to rethink about this kind of goal.


5. Grow Polliesdividend.com to 60,000 views – Failed!

The numbers on my site:

Year Views Visitors
2016 28,656 10,381
2017 31,446 10,633
2018 53,656 18,483
2019 54,058 18,408

For 2019 it comes down to an average of 148 views per day. Although this is a fantastic number, I unfortunately did not reach my goal. But with the knowledge of the result of my balancing act in 2019, I’m proud of it.

Thanks to you all for visiting my site and reading my post. I’m grateful of al the comments visitors wrote on my site. I really appreciated it!


6. Keep investing in my self – Achieved!

For my physical sharpening I have walked 30 minutes every working day (benefit of my new job). My mental sharpening, I did by reading two books and I followed 5 webinars.

I’m proud to say I achieved this goal!



I’m happy to report that I’ve reached four out of six goals. And along the way I also have set two new all-time highs for my Vrijheid Fonds!

It is fair to say that 2019 has been a good year for my Vrijheid Fonds, and I’m looking forward to 2020. Let’s keep this positive flow!

Now I’ve done my review of 2019, it is time to set new goals for 2020

Thanks for reading. Have you reached your 2019 goals? If you didn’t set goals, are you planning on setting goals for 2020? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!




5 thoughts on “Reviewing my 2019 Goals

  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations! 21% growth on your dividend income is very good. Do you know how much growth was realised by: reinvestment of dividends / increases in dividend per share / new cash?

    1. Polliesdividend Post author

      Thanks, I have calculated my growth for all these parameters. It is a good Idea to do so.



  2. P2035

    Hi Polly. Went trough your blog a little bit. Like the firs 2 goals and congrats on reaching them. 4k€ dividends is something and nearly 10k€ investment is also something. Keep up the good work in 2020 as well 🙂

    1. Polliesdividend Post author

      Hello P2035,

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope you like my blog.
      I’ll do my best for 2020.
      Come back soon



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