Dividend increase AFLAC (AFL)

Today AFLAC Incorporated (AFL) announced a 4.9% increase in its quarterly dividend. The dividend is raised from $0.41 to $0.43. The dividend pay date is December 1, 2016 to shareholders of record on November 16, 2016 (ex dividend November 14, 2016). This is the 34th Consecutive Annual Increase.



CEO Daniel P. Amos stated:

We remain committed to maintaining strong capital ratios on behalf of our policyholders. We are on target to repurchase about $1.4 billion of our common stock in 2016, with $1.2 billion already repurchased during the first nine months.

The board of directors’ action to increase the dividend by 4.9% demonstrates our commitment to reward our shareholders. This marks the 34th consecutive year of increasing our cash dividend. Our objective is to grow the dividend at a rate generally in line with the increase in operating earnings per diluted share before the impact of foreign currency translation.”


Vrijheid Fonds

The new dividend amount represents an annualized dividend amount of $1.72 per share, up from $1.64. The dividend yield on current price is 2.45 %. My Vrijheid Fonds consist of 24 shares of AFLAC, my annual dividends will increase by $1.63. For 2016 my dividends will increase by $ 0.41 after taxes.

My projected annual total amount (2016) from my shares of AFL will be $33.86 after taxes.

This is my 23th­ dividend increase in 2016 for my Vrijheid Fonds!!!

DGI at work!



6 thoughts on “Dividend increase AFLAC (AFL)

  1. DivHut

    Not the most exciting raise but I’ll take it. AFL is one of my largest holdings and continues to show up as an undervalued play. While I don’t plan to add to m y shares any time soon I do plan to keep what I have for the foreseeable future. Thanks for sharing.

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