Expected Dividend Increases in November 2018

Expected Dividend Increases in November for my Vrijheid Fonds.

If you have visited Polliesdividend more often, you know that I track the dividend increases of the companies in myVrijheid Fonds. I’m happy to report that I have seen a lot of dividend increases announced so far in 2018 for my Vrijheid Fonds. The counter is now on 24 announcements already!!  It definitely has been a fun time to be a dividend growth investor. In this post I try to summarize as many companies that are expected to announce a dividend increase in the coming month.




Why you ask? I find it fun to track the dividend increases because I like companies that regularly increase their dividend. I believe that companies can only increase their dividends regularly if they grow earnings sufficiently. And it is the most outward sign by management as to how business is going. These companies show confidence in the potential growth of future earnings. And that are the kind of companies I like in my Vrijheid Fonds.


But before I take a look at the month of November, just let us first look back if the companies of the previous month’s article did what I expected.



I wrote that I was hoping that Aflac would continue the trend, and that they would announce a dividend increase in the month of October as they did the last couple of years. Unfortunately, they didn’t. So I can be short this time and say I was wrong with my expectations. I didn’t get a single dividend increase announcement in October 🙁 .



Here are my predictions for the dividend increases I expect in November 2018.

Okay, I can be short about this one; I don’t expect any announcements of dividend increase in November for the companies of my Vrijheid Fonds. Lets hope that I will receive some increases in December.



So I predict a quiet month with no dividend increases. Let’s hope I’m not right again and there will be a surprising raise in November. Next month I will write a review and look back at my predictions.




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