Do you side hustle?

Do you side hustle? Just a quick question for my readers.

Every month I write a post about my side hustle income. I keep track of my extra income and hopefully I can use this extra income in the future to fuel further growth of my Vrijheid Fonds! And with this extra fuel I hopefully can reach Financial Independence faster.




My side hustle income isn’t big (yet), and you may ask why I have several side hustles. Especially when I wrote in my Review of my 2017 Goals, that I find it more and more difficult to balance my time between family, work, sport, books and Polliesdividend.



Let me be honest with you, side hustles take time. This is true, but it can also bring you a lot.

First of all with some extra fresh cash to fuel your investment fund, and with the help of our friend, compound interest, you can achieve your goals faster. Doesn’t that sound nice? We all have goals we want to achieve, and with some little extra effort we can achieve them way faster. So what is holding you back, to create an extra passive income stream?

One argument I heard was that it is very hard to find good side hustles. Well I think you can find a lot of side hustles on the Internet, and I bet there will also be one that fits your skill set if you really want to.


The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately  🙂


And I hear you say, I have a full-time job, and together with my family and my household, I don’t have enough time. Well…. I’ll argue this, so stop finding excuses. I know from my own experience that there is always time to find to do a side hustle, because if you really want to, you will find the time. Just make it your top priority. And if I can do it, I’m sure you can do it to!!

So please, don’t talk yourself out of a side hustle because you don’t have time or aren’t sure you can do it. Everyone can find the right thing if you commit to finding one and really make it your top priority.


My side hustles

Every month I report on my side hustle income. These side hustle income reports, in my opinion, provide a great look at how anyone can earn extra money outside of their day job. To read my side income report for February 2018, just click here.

At this moment I have five side hustles going on to help me generate cash for my Vrijheid Fonds.


Each of these side hustles generates cash for me. Okay at this moment not very much, but I really think that it will grow if I give it more time. Some of these side hustles really need time to mature. Take a look at my Google AdSense income for instance; I see an increase of income if I look back on 2017. And when www.polliesdividend.com will continue to grow, my Google AdSense income will also grow. It just need some time (and a lot of blood, sweat and tears for new posts 😉 )

And yes maybe I have started a side hustle, which will not grow. That is just fine too; I will stop putting time in it, and move on to another one.



So now you know it, I side-hustle because it is fun and it generate fresh cash to invest. And with this fresh cash I will reach Financial Independence earlier.

Do you side hustle? Or do you have suggestions on how to improve my online income? Please contact me and let me know

And if you have any questions for me about these side hustle reports, feel free to leave a comment down below.



2 thoughts on “Do you side hustle?

  1. Mr. Robot

    I haven’t found a side hustle that provided my with the right time/reward balance. I do sell some stuff on Marktplaats but things like Euroclix etc is not really worth my irritation & time (for me personally).

    I would like to build a side ncome with either public speaking or writing a book. But I have been procrastinating on both these subjects and I need to kick myself into gear for that.

    Can you explain that “Members Board”? It doesn’t ring a bell for me.

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