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Today a blog post that is not about investing or savings, but a post about the necessary changes I had to make on my website.

On May 25, the new European privacy law (The AVG or General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)) will take effect. This law regulates things about personal data. That is fine, because you obviously do not want everybody to be able to access your personal data.




What do I have to do?

You visit Polliesdividend.com to read about investing and saving. So you might ask; Pollie why do you write a post about privacy?

Well that is exactly the question I asked my self.


What do I have to do with the new law (AVG) as a blogger?


Blogging is my hobby, I just write nice, informative blog posts and I enjoy doing this. And, as far as I know, I do not do anything with personal data.

Well after reading some posts about the AVG, I know better now. When you visit my website, you leave a trace of information (IP address, name, etc.)  and I

According to the AVG I have to make a special page on my blog, which probably will not be read by many people, in which I write that I collect personal data. And that is why I have to deal with the AVG.


You may share or use it

So I wrote my Privacy Policy with the use of several great examples. I have tried to make it readable, it was impossible to make it fun ;-).

If you have some spare time, just take a look at my Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

If you would like to use my privacy policy (partial), go ahead and go wild ;-). Make sure you incorporate your own information in the right way. And as a thank you, a back link to my blog will be highly appreciated!

So, now that I have my website meets the legal requirements again, I can go back to investing.



2 thoughts on “Privacy Policy Polliesdividend

  1. KeithX

    Your policy looks good, but I wonder if WordPress has a policy that you could link to? I imagine WordPress has a few lawyers that are working on this. At any rate, I wish you continued good fortune! Even if we have a few more regulations to work around. 😉

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