My Vrijheid Fonds (Freedom Fund) date September 1, 2019. Keep in mind that all amounts are in EURO’s.

Company Stock Ticker Shares Cost Base Market value
Ahold AEX AH 444 3,506 9,451
Bayer DAX BAYN 12 1,186 808
NN Group NV AEX NN 20 723 609
Royal Dutch Shell AEX RDS 391 5,922 9,863
Unilever AEX UN 251 6,540 14,166
3M DJ MMM 25 3,938 3,675
AbbVie DJ ABBV 44 2,377 2,629
Aflac DJ AFL 48 1,076 2,190
Archer-Daniels-Midland DJ ADM 41 1,369 1,418
AT&T DJ T 155 4,325 4,962
Billiton – PLC DJ BBL 30 1,276 1,176
Chevron DJ CVX 36 3,229 3,853
Coca Cola DJ KO 80 2,403 4,005
Consolidated Edison DJ ED 24 1,590 1,939
Franklin Resources DJ BEN 106 3,026 2,530
Johnson& Johnson DJ JNJ 45 3,903 5,256
McDonalds DJ MCD 21 1,550 4,162
Microsoft DJ MSFT 32 1,384 4,005
Omega Healthcare Investment DJ OHI 144 4,438 5,323
Procter & Gamble DJ PG 38 2,656 4,155
Realty Income DJ O 120 4,867 8,047
South 32 LTD DJ SOUHY 12 0 96
The Southern Company DJ SO 50 2,033 2,649
Target DJ TGT 70 3,342 6,808
Vereit DJ VER 100 974 885
Wal-Mart Stores DJ WMT 45 2,669 4,675
Mutual funds & Bonds 14,580 15,728
Cash 1,005
Total 84,880 126,067

Full Disclosure: I am long in all stocks listed above. Please see my Disclaimer Page.


Market Value



January 1 – €102,429
February 1 – € 108,115
March 1 – € 109,242
April 1 – € 116,245
May 1 – € 116,437
June1 – € 116,859
July 1 – € 122,395
August 1 – € 122,740
September 1 – € 126,067


1 January – € 90,894
1 February – € 90,167
1 March – € 86,763
1 April – € 88,166
1 May – € 92,832
1 June – € 95,505
1 July – € 97,526
1 August – € 101,135
1 September – € 102,220
1 October – € 102,985
1 November – € 103,779
1 December – € 107,422


1 January – € 79,156
1 February – € 77,585
1 March – € 79,099
1 April – € 82,756
1 May – € 82,757
1 June – € 83,498
1 July – € 81,740
1 August – € 82,726
1 September € 81,851
1 October € 84,924
1 November € 88,335
1 December € 89,148


1 December – €74,223
1 November – € 72,564
1 October – € 72,952
1 september – € 72,788
1 august – € 73,154
1 July – € 72,090
1 june – €68,251
1 may – € 66,119
1 April – € 66,076
1 March – € 64,630
1 February – € 64,523
1 January – € 63,965


1 December – €63.883
1 November – € 60.251
1 October – € 54.950
1 September – € 55,193
1 August – € 59,459
1 July – € 56,467
1 June – € 58,671
1 May – € 57,714
1 April – € 58,162
1 March – € 56,476
1 February – € 53,664
1 January – € 50,050


1 December – € 36,750
1 November – € 35,519
1 October – € 35,260
1 September – € 34,263
1 August – € 31,900
1 July – € 26,254

33 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. DividendMongrel

    I am thinking of adding AHOLD as a stock in my portfolio because I think this company will continue to grow here in the U.S. They currently have a bunch of Stop and Shop stores in New England and this is where I do most of my grocery shopping. How well has this company done for you since you have been a shareholder?

    1. polliesdividend Post author

      Hello dividendmongrel,

      Thanks for your post.
      Ahold has been good to my portfolio.
      Once a year a good dividend and this stock price gave risen.
      So no complaining.
      A couple of months ago they did a reverse stock split.
      The fundamentals still look good.

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  5. Monsieur Dividende

    I like your portfolio Pollies. Not too crowded but sill very effectivement companies. My kind of play! Keep up the good work and don’t let the surrounding noises cloud your judgment. All is well!

    1. polliesdividend Post author

      Bonjour Monsieur Dividende,

      Thanks for stopping by, and your kind words!
      At this moment i have 17 different kind of stocks. Abd still hungry for more 😀
      I do not want to say “my portfolio consist of max…. Stocks”
      If i analyse a stock, and think it is buyable, and it is a good addition to my Vrijheid Fonds, then I will buy it.
      I’ll keep you posted!


  6. Dividend Fish

    Hi Pollie,

    Any plans to diversify more to European stocks? The prices seem cheaper than US stocks currently. And you also face the EUR/USD exchange rate issue nowadays, making US stock even more expensive for Europeans like you and me. Plus it looks like when the Greece-deal is done, the Euro-stocks will rally again.

    Best regards,
    Dividend Fish

    1. polliesdividend Post author

      Hello Dividend Fish,
      I’m looking at european stocks but also at us stocks
      European stocks are not real great dividend payers. So that is a negative point.
      But at this moment i look at ambev and munich re



      1. Justme

        For us Europeans that’s really an issue. No real great dividend players, so I turn to the US but the current EUR/USD is not so great. Current EUR/USD 1,12 but if it goes back to 1,40………However, I just purchased WPC (tomorrow ex-div date) and will hold it for the long run. Current yield for WPC is 6.2% and stock has been beaten down, while fundamentals are great.

        1. polliesdividend Post author

          Yes the current exchange rate is not great.
          But if you have the intention to hold the stocks for the long run, then the excange rate is not that big.

          I have this intention, so exchange rate are fine, but not a real big issue.

          However I like to have a diversified portfolio and some extra euro stocks would be nice.

  7. Dividend Freedom

    Great porftolio, will definitely sat you free by the time you get 50 years old.

    Keep that snowball roling!

  8. Team CF

    Hello Pollie,

    Nice to see another Dutch Dividend investor, we’ve just started with dividend investing and own some of the same shares.

    Also, and this is a bit of a gamble, we bought some ABN Amro shares, which are slated to be a dividend share (yield about 4-5%). Same as you, we are struggling to find good dividend shares in Europe. Have you ever investigated what dividend taxes apply for Dutch investors in other European countries (i.e. France of Spain)?

    Good luck!

    1. Polliesdividend Post author

      Hello Team CF,

      Thanks for stopping by!
      And nice to hear from a fellow Dutch DGI.

      I did not buy any stocks ABN. They will first have to prove them self and i read a lot of negative articles about them (i.g. Beleggers Belangen van twee weken geleden met een negatief advies)
      And when it comes to new stocks I like to read what experts think about them.

      You question about taxes.
      With a lot of countries in the EU, our IRS (belastingdienst) has a contract with these countries. And in this contract it states that we only have to pay 15% dividend taxes.
      To prevent you to pay these taxes twice on the same amount, It is legal to settle this foreign dividend tax with your income taxes every year.
      For instance, if you pay $10 on taxes in the US, in your income taxes you tell the Belastingdienst you already paid $10 and the withhold this amount for your income tax.

      Look at the website of the Belastingdienst and search for “buitenlandse dividend belasting ”



      1. Team CF

        Hello Pollie,

        thanks for the hint to the beleggers belangen article. We did read several other ones, which were overall more positive than this one. As noted, it is a bit of a gamble, and we see it more as that than a long term dividend stock. So far that has worked out well, as the stock is up about 0,80 euro @ €18,55 with targets ranging from €19,00 to €21,50. Will keep an close eye on it.

        As for dividend taxes from foreign stocks, still need to do more research here. Will probably do a post on it in the future. Its certainly something to consider!


  9. Mr FOB

    Nice growth of your portfolio over time!
    I am more into indexfunds than into individual funds due to the lower associated risk. My favorites are VXUS and VTI in 1:1 ratio: full world coverage with minimal cost

    1. Pollie

      At this moment, I’m not invested in index funds
      I like to look into the companies I invest in. Everybody his own hobby 😉
      By investigation into the company, I minimize my risk.
      And that’s why I came up with the Pollie-code.
      It is not written in stone. At this moment I’m thinking about upgrading my Pollie-code to Pollie-Code 2.0.
      This after reading some great blogs, books and articles.



  10. FIP

    Hi Pollie, Really jealous on your Unilever And RDS position!!!! And especially the cost basis. Unfortunately Unilever flew away for me after the recent take over bid from kraft Heinz.

    I bought 100 in OHI this week when a buy order got triggered on 30$. We have a similar position size now 🙂 Happy about that one also knowing that the Euro currency is a bit stronger now.

  11. Harmson


    According to my records the pay-out ratio for RDS was far >100% for 2017 (EpS $1.56; dividend $1.88). Why is it still in your portfolio?

    1. Pollie

      I agree about the EPS in regard to the dividend. However I think RDS is a great and solid company, which will keep paying dividend in the (near) future. With higher oil prices and the efficiency actions they have taken, in my opinion, RDS is going in the right direction! And that is why I don’t sell my shares.
      And for the record: I don’t sell shares only when fall through my Pollie-Code.

      Do you own RDS shares?



      1. Harmson

        Hi Pollie,

        Not yet. I just want to start a Dividend portfolio. I only want to buy Dutch stocks on which are also options available (to increase my return). Besides that I want to reclaim the dividend tax. RDS is for sure on my list (one of my criteria is a dividend yield of at least 4%). Besides that I’m looking at the pay-out ratio, the evolution of the dividend and the trend of the underlying stock).

        Isn’t it an issue for you to pay foreign dividend taxes which you can’t re-claim? This will impact your return, won’t it?

        Best regards,

        1. Pollie

          When you fill in the correct form, you only pay 15% dividend tax for us stocks. And you can reclaim it with your income tax. Only German stocks in my Vrijheid Fonds I have to reclaim a small part of the dividend tax separately

          So US stocks have the same impact as Ditch stocks with regards to dividend tax

  12. gonorthbalance

    What are your thoughts about exchange rates?
    Your main income is in euros but most of your shares are bought in dollars. I found it quite difficult to reduce this risk. The only way to reduce the risk is dollar cost average strategy. By that I mean periodically invest in US shares. But still in a long term you may loose money because of not favorable EUR/USD rate.
    All the best from Lithuania!

    1. Pollie


      I know these positions are a little bit bigger than my other positions. But I really believe in these companies, and I think that they will perform very well in the (near) future. And that is why I have decided not to rebalance these positions.

    1. Polliesdividend Post author

      Dank je wel. Fijn dat je mijn website interessant vindt.
      Ben wel benieuwd waarom beleggen bij jullie een ondergeschoven kindje is

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