Recent buy – AT&T – December 2018

A new buy for my Vrijheid Fonds.

As I wrote in my previous post (recent buy 3M), we saw a nice dip in the market this month. And after my buy 3M, I still had some money left in my broker account.  So I took the opportunity once more, to average down own of my positions. Last week I made my seventh buy in 2018 for my Vrijheid Fonds. 

Last year I did my analysis on AT&T (T). AT&T is, as I wrote in my stock Analysis, a dividend aristocrat that can’t be ignored with this kind of yield. And this conclusion is still valid!

And as a DGI, I look at the dividend of the company. AT&T has to pay the dividend and their massive debt. However their free cash flow covers the dividend while allowing about $12 billion to be attributed to paying down debt in 2019.

On the basis of this information/research I took action.






Last week I bought 55 shares of T at $28.57 per share (incl. fees).

With this buy I added a little bit more than €83 (after taxes) of projected dividend to my Vrijheid Fonds. Now I own 155 shares of AT&T and this position produces € 236 ($268) after taxes in dividend income annually.

Again a small step in my journey. And one-step closer to my goal.

Has anyone else invested in this company recently? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!



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17 thoughts on “Recent buy – AT&T – December 2018

  1. DutchIndependence

    Great buy Pollie! I’ve been thinking about some shares of AT&T too, I might finance them with some credit and sell some calls on them, just as a little side hustle. Good to see that it’s still a popular stock amongst DGI!


  2. Kees

    Ik heb wat Abbv en cah bijgekocht, om iets meer in de Health sector te zitten, die was nl onderworpen. Nu weer even wachten op deividend en nieuw salaris want cash positie is nagenoeg nihil

  3. Erick Erdtsieck

    Hello Pollie,

    I had the same idea and bought/added 53 shares on monday @27,65
    7% div yield is nice to but into, paid in quarter terms.

    There is better quality to invest in, see website florizon.com [in Dutch], more stars better quality.

    But in the current economic cycle it it a good time to invest in Telecom/Utilities. And AT&T is the best there is: growth in revenue, global player, critical mass.

    Good luck with your investments and strategy!

    Kind Regards,
    Erick Erdtsieck

  4. DivvyDad

    You’ve been busy Pollie, and I love these purchases. T is one I’ve been watching too, and it’s funny because I currently hold 100 shares and was looking to buy about 50 more as well.

    I’m thinking they may still have some room to go down, but adding at these price levels is hard to beat with that yield. I’d ideally like to grab some at $27/share if possible.

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