April 2019, Month review of my Vrijheid Fonds

Month review of my Vrijheid Fonds, April 2019

Another month has passed and yes, I can update my spreadsheets again and review how the month of April was.


This is a blog post about my favorite topic, dividends!  I hope this post inspires other people out there to start saving and investing as soon as they can.  The power you feel knowing that you are richer than you were yesterday and you didn’t have to work a minute for it, is a wonderful feeling.



In total I received €352.38 ($394.37) in passive income in April. My Vrijheid Fondshad three dividend increases this month! Ahold raised its dividend with 11.1%, Coca Cola with 2.60%, Realty Income with 0,2% and finally Wal-Mart with 1.9%. Just click on the companies names to see more information about these increases. In total my Vrijheid Fondshas had already 13 dividend raises this year.

If we take a closer look, the dividend was coming from:

Ahold Delhaize (AD.AS) €254.06
Coca Cola (KO) €24.25
Franklin Resources (BEN) €20.89
Realty Income (O) €20.55
South32LtD (SOUHY) €3.34
Vereit (VER) €10.42
Wal-Mart (WMT) €18.07

That makes a total of €352.38. This is a 14.87% increase from last year’s April. This increase is without the special dividend that I have received from Franklin Resources last year. It feels great when money is coming in that has worked for me!



For an update of my Dividend Income click the hyperlink. In 2019 I received a total in passive income of € 1240.63


Vrijheid Fonds

If we take a look at my Vrijheid Fonds (Freedom Fund), we can see it was a good month.

My total portfolio value at the end of April is €116,437, whichis an increase of 0.17% over last month (€116,245). I again donated € 400 of fresh capital to my Vrijheid Fonds and I bought € 400 worth of mutual Funds for my “Safe-haven-sleep-well” part of my Vrijheid Fonds.



This month added a new position to my Vrijheid Fonds and I made my first buy in 2019 for my Vrijheid Fonds. After my analysis of AbbVie, I decided to pull my buy-trigger, I bought 25 shares of AbbVie. For more information, read my buy post here on AbbVie.

Again, this month I made a nice step in my journey.

How was your month? Did you receive more dividends than last year? I like to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!





Because all figures I give are in Euro’s. And because the exchange rates is not constant (duh…) my passive income changes per month (even if the dividend stays the same). For the record: I only post my passive income from dividend the month I received it on my brokers account. And it is after taxes.

4 thoughts on “April 2019, Month review of my Vrijheid Fonds

  1. Mr. Groeigeld

    Wow that’s really nice progress Pollie! It must be very nice to have to upscale your picture axes 😉

    As I understand, you add €800 to your portfolio every month?

  2. dividendcompounder

    Congratulations Pollie. Your dividend by Ahold is massive. It’s always nice to see double digit growth numbers YoY!

    I also had a great month, another one above the $200.

    Happy investing!

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