October 2016 Month review of my Vrijheid Fonds

How high my passive income this month?

Yes, it’s time to write my favorite post. A post about my favorite topic, dividends! I hope this post will inspire others out there to start saving and investing. Okay lets see how much passive income I have received in October.

 Month review

And lets see what kind a month it was for my Vrijheid Fonds. This month I had just one dividend increase. Realty Income raised its dividend with 0.30%. It is a small one, but I love it anyway.

Furthermore this month I received dividend for the very first time from South32 Ltd (SOUHY). This is the company that originated from splitting up BHP Billiton. I just have 12 share of SOUHY, so I only got a little dividend.

Lets take a look at the numbers and tell you the status of my Vrijheid Fonds and report my passive income for this month. In total I received € 58.21 ($ 64.01) in passive income.

If we take a closer look, the dividend was coming from:

Coca Cola (KO) € 21.64
FranklinResources (BEN) €6,96
General Electric (GE) € 10.67
Realty Income (O) € 7.80
South32 LTD (SOUHY) € 0.51
Vereit (VER) € 10.63

That makes a total of € 58.21, this is a 18.8% increase from last years October. Again a nice increase!. This means that my snowball is slowly getting momentum.

For an update of my Dividend Income click the hyperlink. In 2016 I received a total in passive income of € 2488.52

Vrijheid Fonds

If we take a look at my Vrijheid Fonds (Freedom Fund), we can see that the value is slightly higher than last month. My total portfolio value at the end of October is €72,564 which is a small decrease of 0.53% over last month (€72,952). This decrease is due to lower share prices all around.

I again donated € 400 of fresh capital to my Vrijheid Fonds and € 100 for my mutual Fund for my “Safe-haven-sleep-well” part of my Vrijheid Fonds

Again this month I made a nice step in my journey.

Thanks for reading!




Because all figures I give are in Euro’s. And because the exchange rates is not constant (duh…) my passive income changes per month (even if the dividend stays the same). For the record: I only post my passive income from dividend the month I received it on my brokers account. And it is after taxes.

10 thoughts on “October 2016 Month review of my Vrijheid Fonds

  1. HomoInvestor

    Hi Pollie!

    Greetings from Spain, it is nice to see an european (continental) blogger talking about dividends. Thak you so much for sharing your portfolio. It would be very nice to see a chart with your dividends evolution.

    By the way, I have had a look on your goals and it is very interesting how fast is growing your dividend goal and your savings rate is also very impressive.

    Kind regards,

    Homo Investor

    1. Pollie Post author

      Hello Homo Investor,

      Thanks for your kind words. I agree that there are not to many european bloggers about dividends. In my opinion way too little.
      maybe this number will grow the next few years.
      My dividend is growing fast on a year-to-year basis. This because I consequently put new capital in my Vrijheid Fonds.

      Do you have a portfolio? And which stocks are in it?
      And of course, do you blog about it?



      1. HomoInvestor

        Hi Pollie,

        I’m working on my own blog… but it is not online right now (it would be in a week), it’s name is http://www.homoinvestor.com. It is much more difficult than I thougt to put all together in order to start. I’m afraid it would be in spanish (at least at the beginning).

        Yes, I have a portfolio around 200K€ in stocks, 100K€ in value funds (we have some good value investors here in spain but I really would like to know other ones in Europe in order to diversify) and finally some 60K€ in pension funds.

        The stoks I own are mainly spanish (Telefónica -big international telco- and Enagás -medium size pipeline-, take a look on both of them as they could be a good oportinity) and also american (Intel, Apple, John Deere, Conoco, Phillips66…).

        Kind regards,

        Homo Investor

  2. Team CF

    Nice going Pollie, you almost made €2500 in dividend this year (so far!). That’s pretty darn good! Curious to see how you are going to close out the year.

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