July 2018, Month review of my Vrijheid Fonds

My month review of my Vrijheid Fonds.

Another month has passed and it is time to write a post. A post about my favorite topic, dividends!  I hope this post inspires other people out there to start saving and investing as soon as they can.  The power you feel knowing that you are richer than you were yesterday and you didn’t have to work a minute for it, is a wonderful feeling.


Month review

Okay lets see how much passive income I have received in July. And what kind a month it was for my Vrijheid Fonds. It is the first month of the third quarter and it is always a slow month.




Lets take a look at the numbers and tell you the status of my Vrijheid Fondsand report my passive income for this month. In total I received € 181.20 ($ 212.65) in passive income. I had just one dividend increase. Realty Income raised its dividend with 0.20%.

If we take a closer look, the dividend was coming from:
Coca Cola (KO) € 22.60
Franklin Resources (BEN) € 7.19
General Electric (GE) € 5.21
Realty Income (O) € 19.12
Vereit (VER) € 9.96
NN Euro Obligatie Fonds – Mutual Fund € 115.98


YoY Increase

Till last year I received a quarterly dividend from my mutual fund. However, since the beginning of this year NN Euro Obligatie Fonds is paying a yearly dividend. For more information read my post I wrote earlier about this change of payment. If I want to compare my dividend income from this year July with last years July, I’ll have to remove this dividend from the equation.

This year I received a total of € 181.20 dividend vs. € 56.31 dividend last years July. This is an increase of 221.77%. If I remove the dividend of my mutual fund, the dividend for July 2018 is € 65.22, this is a 15.82% increase in passive income. It feels great when money is coming in that has worked for me!



For an update of my Dividend Income click the hyperlink. In 2018 I received a total in passive income of € 1,971.79


Vrijheid Fonds

If we take a look at my Vrijheid Fonds (Freedom Fund), we can see that the value is higher than last month.

My total portfolio value at the end of July is € 101,135 thatis an increase of 3.7% over last month (€ 97,526). As you readers know, the exchange rate of the Dollar has a big influence on the value of my Vrijheid Fonds. I again donated € 400.00 of fresh capital to my Vrijheid Fondsand I bought € 100 worth of mutual Funds for my “Safe-haven-sleep-well”part of my Vrijheid Fonds.




This was a great month for me! I reached a new milestone for my Vrijheid Fonds, and I’m proud of it.

Again this month I made a nice step in my journey.How was your month? Did you receive more dividends than last year? I like to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!




Because all figures I give are in Euro’s. And because the exchange rates is not constant (duh…) my passive income changes per month (even if the dividend stays the same). For the record: I only post my passive income from dividend the month I received it on my brokers account. And it is after taxes.




4 thoughts on “July 2018, Month review of my Vrijheid Fonds

  1. Jung in Rente

    Nice, almost 16% more income without doing anything for that. I guess that’s passive investing in its purest form! And with €1,971.79 in total income you are also well ahead of us so far, especially because July is a very low-income month for us (€0!). So, keep up the great work!

    – David

  2. DivvyDad

    Even with the change of your mutual fund, that is still nice YoY growth! Great job reaching that new milestone as well and being over the 100,000 mark!

    July was quiet for me, but huge increase over last year because last year I had $0. =)

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