Letter to my readers – 2017: Q3-review

Dear reader, fellow DGI,

Most of 2017 is already behind us. Wow time really flies. The last quarter has already started. So here is my Q3 review letter to you, my readers. Lets see what the first nine months of 2017 brought. Just as a reminder, see my 2017 goals blog post.

Why do I do a quarterly review, you ask. Well there are actually a couple of reasons (besides because its fun to write). By doing my own review periodically it will help me understand whether I’m on course to meeting my goals, or whether I need to change my strategy or tactics.



It also helps me to stay focused on actively managing my Vrijheid Fonds. And I believe it helps me, through reflecting on the past, to be a better DGI.

So lets take a look at my five goals for 2017.


  1. Receive € 3,100 in dividends during the year of 2017.

In the first nine month I received € 2,323.10 in dividend income. I’m happy with this amount of passive income. I managed to have an increase in dividends every month in comparison to last year. Last year I received a super dividend from Ahold-Delhaize (€ 537.85). If we take this super-dividend out of the equation, we can compare the Q3 dividends from each year. And we see a YoY-increase of the dividends in Q3 by 19%. I’m proud!


Dividend Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
2014 90.11 509.38 226.04 289.32 1,114.85
2015 323.04 634.43 401.28 414.83 1,773.58
2016 511.80 769.88 1,148.63 649.08 3,079.38
2017 673.10  923.18  726.82

My projected dividend income for 2017 is € 3,051




Okay lets look at the changes in my Vrijheid Fonds in the third quarter of this year.

Every month I bought some mutual funds for my little “safe-haven-to-sleep-well ”. These are all high dividend funds. This mutual funds contributed € 329,33 in dividends so far, a little bit of 14% of my total dividends.

In July I bought some Southern Company (SO). As I wrote in my analysis, it is not a company that will generate double-digit returns. I think with total returns of 7% to 8% a year in combination with low risk and low volatility makes Southern Company a good addition to my Vrijheid Fonds. For a detailed post of this buy: Recent buy Southern Company.

And last but not least: In Q3 of 2017 I have donated about €1,533 of fresh capital in my Vrijheid Fonds. In the whole of 2017 I have donated € 4,777 of fresh capital.

If I take a look at the rest of this year, I project at least 2 new stock purchases of about (€ 1,200 or $ 1,500) in 2017. Also with these two new buys, it will be very hard to reach my goal. There are two reasons, First, because these two new buys, will mostly contribute to the dividends in the coming years and not so much in the last part of 2017. And second, the exchange rate of the euro/dollar weighs heavy on my results. Because the dollar has declined almost 10% this year, and my Vrijheid Fonds consist of 53% of dollar stocks, my total dividends in Euro’s are lower.

As I wrote in my half-year review for my Vrijheid Fonds, there are two risks that need to be mentioned. First there is the euro/dollar exchange rate. And second the Brexit misery over here in Europe. I have no idea what will happen in Europe and the Brexit misery is just started. So it is hard to say what the exact influence will be.

And of course there is the awaited correction of the markets. But when will it start? When do the bears come out the woods? I have no idea.

To reach my goal, I need to take some extra action. Let see if I can reallocate some extra cash to invest earlier than anticipated. And by doing so, generate some extra dividends in 2017

Grade: Some extra action needed!


  1. Save 40% of my net income in 2017, averaged monthly

As I told you in my 2017 goals Post, I want to save 40% of my income from my day job. This is a high percentage, but I think it will be possible.

Regular visitors of Polliesdividend know this is the same goal as in 2016. Not all my saving will be used for investing. We are saving for some further home improvement or a new house and replacing our car (not a new car of course, but a new second hand car 😉 ). At the time of writing this post, we still haven’t made are mind up: Home improvement or buying a new house.

Of course I pay myself first every month after I receive my pay check (practice what you preach 😉 ). I also save money in our family savings account for holidays, (medical) insurances, emergency fund, etc. Just the normal things! And we also have a college fund for our kids. This is a separate account, with mutual funds. And you guessed it; this is for putting our kids through college when they are older.

In Q3 of 2017 I have saved a total of 44% of my net income. Yeah, I’m well on my way to achieve this goal.

Grade: Passing!


  1. Invest a total of € 7,000 new cash

In order to let my Vrijheid Fonds grow, it needs fresh cash. In the Third quarter I added € 1,533 of fresh capital. With € 4,777 of fresh capital to my Vrijheid Fonds this year so far, the year-end goal will be achievable. For now, I’m well on my way!

Grade: Passing!


  1. Write a least 100 post on Polliesdividend!

When writing my investing decisions down, it helps me to make better decisions. And it also helps me to track my progress. That’s why I started Polliesdividend. And it is still works for me. And besides I’m really liking it. Especially when I got feedback from you, my dear readers.

This will be my 58th! Post this year. So I’m (way) behind in this goal. And yes with all the balancing going on between work, private live and Polliesdividend.com, I think this goal will be hard to achieve. I will do my utmost to write as much posts as possible. But for now, I’m very happy and proud of myself.

But before we go off to my last goal, first lets take a look at the statistics of my website:

  • Views: 23,008
  • Visitors: 7,739
  • Comments: 338


Views Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
2015 6,488 6,017 5,108 6,926 24,539
2016 8,085 6,990 7,048 6,533 28,656
2017 6,975  7,480  8,553 23,008


Visitors Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
2015 2,395 6,017 2,129 2,515 13,056
2016 2,844 2,934 2,519 2,084 10,381
2017 2,413  2,490  2,836 7,739


Comments Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
2015 169 152 108 96 525
2016 129 89 121 128 467
2017 99  87  152 338

As I wrote in my Q1 report, I saw a decline in views, visitors and interaction. I worked hard to attract more views to my site. I started with Pinterest and spend some more time on twitter. These actions resulted in more visitors and more views. I will keep working to attract more visitors. And with a whispering voice I say with some caution, that I bended the trend and 2017 can be a record year!

For now I’m happy with the rise of the number of views. Thank you all for stopping by my site and reading my post. I really appreciate it.

Top 5 bog posts:

  1. My goals for 2017
  2. When do I reach FI? – Post 2017
  3. May 2017 – Month review of my Vrijheid Fonds
  4. The snowball effect – Book Review
  5. Calgate-Palmolive company Stock Analysis Pollie-Style

Top 5 countries from which people read my blog:

  1. Netherlands
  2. USA
  3. Germany
  4. Spain
  5. Belgium

All in all it is been a good half-year for Polliesdividend.com.

I realize that 100 blog posts will be very hard to reach, if not to say impossible for me. I find it hard to balance my time between family, work, health (yes I still experience some side effects of my thyroid) and Polliesdividend.com. But I will keep writing and posting on my site, it is to fun to stop 🙂 .

With this knowledge it is wise to change this goal for 2018.

Grade: Hard to reach!


  1. Invest in my self by following a course or webinars

Stephen Covey called it Sharpen the Saw. I think it is important to keep educate yourself. And of course maintain good health.

For my physical sharpening I have been going to the gym (almost) two times a week. My mental sharpening I did by reading two books, numerous articles on blogs on the Internet and attended one webinar.

The webinar was about the possibilities in the Dutch tax system to build a pension. It was a free webinar form the Dutch company BrightPensioen. It was fun to watch and all the basics were covered.

The first book I read was “De levens van Jan Six – by Geert Mak”. It is a Dutch book by a famous historian about the only family in the world who privately owns a painting by Rembrandt. The sixes were one of the important families in the 17th and 18th century in The Netherlands. I give it a 5-tulip rating on the Pollie-scale.

The second book I read was “Rich Habits”. You can read my book review in this blog post over “Rich Habits

And of course I continued to read blogs of fellow DGI’s and articles on Seeking Alpha. This gave me new insights on some investing issues. What a present for me it was!

Grade: Passing!


Key Statistics Vrijheid Fonds:

Some key statistics on my Vrijheid Fonds for the third quarter of 2017:

Net Value: € 84,924
Growth Net value (from 1/1/17): 1.2%
Fresh Capital: € 4,777
Dividend Income: € 2323.10
Number of stocks: 22
New addition: 50 stocks of SO, 6 RDS-A (Drip) and 1 UN (Drip).
Number of dividend increases: 4
Percentage Dollar stocks: 53.65%



Side hustle
In May I was finally accepted by Google for using Google AdSense on my website. Furthermore I registered on Amazon (US and UK) and Bol.com for their affiliate programs. With these actions I hope to diversify my passive income. I will write a post about my income from these sources later this year.

Teaching my Kids
I didn’t write a new addition to this series. For a complete summary of this series, take a look at this Summary

Researching companies
As I wrote in my half-year review, I posted to little stock researches. In the third quarter of 2017 I researched the following three companies – Pollie-Style:

I’ll try to publish a least one analysis every month.



Well, things are looking pretty good. I will be passing three out of my five goals, and with some extra TLC I will try to reach the other goals.

How about you? How are you doing with your goals for 2017? Passing or failing?

Thanks for reading!



18 thoughts on “Letter to my readers – 2017: Q3-review

    1. Pollie Post author

      No I haven’t
      And because I don’t understand these tools, I first have to look into them.
      I have traded options in my early days but now not any more.

  1. Dividend Diplomats

    Pollies –

    What a fantastic year it has been! Hope the side hustles, also, bring in extra income for you. Get that capital to work in the best place possible and crush your dividend goals, excited for you to do just that. You got this.


  2. BrokeInvestor

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I think it’s an amazing year you are having and it’s nice to see that you are working hard to achieve your challenging goals.
    Keep it up!

  3. Dividend Daze

    All great goals. Looks like you are well on your way. I like the education goal. That is always important to keep learning and betting yourself in multiple ways. Good luck going into Q4!

  4. Engineering Dividends

    Hey Pollie, quite the comprehensive quarterly report… I like it! Just awesome that you can save such a large percentage of your income…. something for me to aspire to, as I’m well below 40%. Also, I really enjoyed you including the blog statistics – keep them coming!

  5. dividendgeek

    Nice progress! I think you are on track to FIRE. It is inspiring to find more and more bloggers well on their way. I hope to be there someday. Would it be possible to add my blog to your blog roll?

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