October 2019, Month review of my Vrijheid Fonds

My monthly review of my Vrijheid Fonds. How high was my passive income last month?

Yes, it’s time to write my favorite post. A post about my favorite topic, dividends! I hope this post will inspire others out there to start saving and investing. Okay lets see how much passive income I have received in October. It was a good month for my Vrijheid Fonds.

polliesdividend month review

October was a normal month. The market was volatile and gave some nice buying opportunities. Unfortunately, I hadn’t enough money to enjoy all this opportunity. I have pulled my buy trigger twice. What gave me a smile, was the expected dividend increase. Realty Income raised its dividend with 0.20%.



Lets take a look at the numbers and tell you the status of my Vrijheid Fonds and report my passive income for this month. In total I received € 112.73 ($ 125.67) in passive income.

If we take a closer look, the dividend was coming from:

Coca Cola (KO) € 24.40
FranklinResources (BEN) € 21.02
Realty Income (O) € 20.77
South32 LTD (SOUHY) € 1.39
Vereit (VER) € 10.48
Tax return REITS € 34.68


YoY Increase

That makes a total of € 112.73, this is a 10.41% increase from last years October. Again a nice increase! This means that my snowball is slowly getting momentum. For the sake of completeness: This is the percentage where the tax refund has not been included.


polliesdividend.com pollie dividend


For an update of my Dividend Income click the hyperlink. In 2019 I received a total in passive income of € 3,390.08


Vrijheid Fonds

If we take a look at my Vrijheid Fonds (Freedom Fund), we can see that the value is a fraction lower than last month. My total portfolio value at the end of October is €131,141 which is a decrease of 0.64% over last month (€132,186). I donated € 650 of fresh capital to my Vrijheid Fonds and € 350 for my mutual Fund for my “Safe-haven-sleep-well” part of my Vrijheid Fonds.

Now that I’m writing this, I realize that this is a new record for me! This is my first month ever that I have donated this much fresh capital. I’m proud!

This new record was possible because one of my side hustles have paid out in October. If you want to know more about this side hustle (Euroclix), just read my Dutch post about Euroclix. This side hustle does really work!

polleisdividend.com pollie dividend month


This month I have made two new purchases for my Vrijheid Fonds. I have purchased 51 additional stocks of Franklin Resources. For my analysis Pollie-style see my post on BEN. For more information about my additional share of BEN, see here. Furthermore, I took advantage of a dip in the market and I have bought some additional shares of 3M company. For more information on my recent buy of MMM, see my post Recent buy – 3M company – October 2019.


Again this month I made a nice step in my journey.

Thanks for reading!






Because all figures I give are in Euro’s. And because the exchange rates is not constant (duh…) my passive income changes per month (even if the dividend stays the same). For the record: I only post my passive income from dividend the month I received it on my brokers account. And it is after taxes.

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