Review of Polliesdividend.com for first half of 2019

Polliesdividend.com in review – Q2-2019

Hello readers, fellow DGI’s,


Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this post. Wow time flies when you having fun. Half of 2019 is already behind us. 


In the recent year, I always did a quarterly review of my goals that I have set for that particular year. However, this year I’m forced to do it a little bit differently. I’ve noticed that my new job requires more of my time, which makes finding the balance between family, work and Polliesdividend increasingly difficult. That is why, for now I only do a half-year review. I’ve already done my half year review of my Vrijheid Fonds. If you haven’t read it yet, take a look at Half year review of my Vrijheid Fonds2019.


In the post you’re reading right now, I will tell you how my site: Polliesdividend.com has performed in the first half of 2019. Just as a reminder, see my blog post for my goals 2019.


I’m writing this review to better understand what is happening with my site and to learn more about blogging. And I’m always open to feedback and tips!





Okay, now lets look at my three goals that I set for Polliesdividend.com in 2019 and how Polliesdividend.com did in the first half of 2019.



Grow Polliesdividend.com to 60,000 views in 2019

 Okay, first lets see some numbers on my site.





2016 – H1



2017 – H1



2018 – H1



2019 – H1



 These page views make an average of 159 views per day.


As you can read in my post about my goals 2019, where I told you that my priority for 2019 is to increase my followers and views for Polliesdividend.com, I set my self a challenging goal of approx. 60,000 views for whole 2019. This is 5,000 views per month. If we take a look at the first half, I can say that I’m good on my way, but this goal is achievable.


The top 10 countries were my visitors come from:


















United Kingdom














 In total, people from more than 100 different countries visited my website! They came to my blog and read my posts. Man I’m honored with this much different people.


To let my site grow, it is important to know how people have found my website. So, here is the top 3:


Blog rolls




If we take a look at this top 3 and see that blog rolls are a very important referral channel, I only can say to all of whom has my site on their blog roll; thanks for referring, I’m very grateful for every visitor! 


And I appreciate that I have been added to so many blog rolls. If you haven’t added me to your blog roll, lets help each other and lets add our blogs to our blog rolls (just send me an email). Together we can help spread financial wisdom to everybody. And of course; every back link helps! 


In conclusion I can say that I had a really great first half of 2019 and if I can keep up these beautiful numbers, I will definitely reach this goal.


Grade: Passing!



Write a least 100 post on Polliesdividend

 As you know, I enjoy writing blog post. And since Polliesdividend.com is live it helps me to make better decisions by writing my investing decisions down. And it also helps me to track my progress.


Another motivation is to network more actively with other investors focused on dividend growth investing. 

I believe that in today’s society it is important to share knowledge. By sharing your knowledge and discussing it with fellow investors we all get better! How great is that!

The wider audience and increased traffic to Polliesdividend is a welcome bonus.


If I take a look at the first half of 2019, I must admit that I’ve found it really hard to find the time to write blog posts. With my new job, it was more and more difficult to balance my time between family, work, sport, books and Polliesdividend. But I’ve enjoyed every second of it!


At the end of Q2-2019, I’ve written 47 blog post! So, I’m doing fine, and if I keep up the good work, I’ll definitely reach this goal. But to be fair to you (and myself), it won’t be a walk in the park. But with the love and input of my readers I’m confident that I can do it!


Grade: Passing!



Keep investing in my self by following a webinar or read one books every quarter


Stephen Covey called it Sharpen the Saw. I think it is important to keep educate yourself. And of course maintain good health. 


For my physical sharpening I have been going to the gym almost two times a week. My mental sharpening I did by reading two books and followed four webinars.


It is important to constantly improve your self. Or as Warren Buffett said:


Eat well, Read books, Study yourself, Expand your mind, Do better and get better, you are your greatest investment


In the first half of 2019 I have followed a couple of webinars which were given by BinckBank and by DFT. I’ve read a couple of books, during my holiday and a lot of books for my new job. However, I didn’t found the time to read a financial book.


For the rest of 2019, I already have some books lying around that I want to read. Do you have a recommendation for a good book I should read? What is your favorite book about finance/investing? I like to here from you!


Grade: Passing!





Popular posts

If you miss any of my most popular posts, take the time to read them. These were my top posts of the first quarter:


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Teaching my kids

In August 2015 I started writing some post to try to financially educate my kids. I know they are still very young (9 and 11) but it is never too early to start. And they can read these blog posts later on in life 😉 (This is probably the case, because they don’t speak or read English very well at this moment – You got to love an understatement!). 


For young kids it is in my opinion the best way to learn about money and the value of it just by playing. Research here in The Netherlands shows that kids, who have learned about financial affairs/stuff, will be more financial stable, later on in life. And they most likely will not come into financial troubles.


I had some great feedback on this series from you readers on these posts. Thanks for that!


In 2019 I didn’t write a new post in this series. I have some great ideas for new post but haven’t found the time to write them.


For a summary of this series, take a look at my latest summary of teaching my kids page. I think it is our obligation to educate children, therefore help me get the “snowball of knowledge” rolling and share this summary post.


And If you have an idea for a post, just contact me. 




All in all, it has been a good half year for Polliesdividend.com. I’m (almost) passing all my three goalsI have set for my site (and my self). 


I’m proud of my little blog that has grown to what it is today. I had an increase in views and I think I became a better writer with every post I wrote. If I can keep up with the pace, I will reach my goal by the end of 2019. And every blog post has been written with a big smile 🙂 Thank you to all my readers and contributors.


And If I look at all my goals (for my Vrijheid Fonds and for Polliesdividend.comat this moment I’m passing almost all goals. So I’m very happy with that!


How was your first half-year of 2019? Did you have a good half-year?






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