Recent Sell – General Electric

I sold my position in General Electric (GE), and its hurts.

Almost two weeks ago I posted my post about General Electric decimating its dividend.I didn’t act quick enough to avoid this fourth dividend cut in the history of GE. For more information about their latest dividend cut, read my post General Electric decimated its dividend.






This latest dividend cut really hurts. I had high expectations of last year’s plan, but that didn’t worked out. After my latest post, I dove back into the numbers and decided it is better to sell GE and buy back a good Dividend Aristocrat. So and that is exactly what I did.

Two weeks ago, I sold my entire position in General Electric. I sold my share at $ 8.00 per share (excl. fees). With this sell I took a loss of € 835 (ouch). But hey, I don’t see GE taking a turn for the better in the next 5 years. So I think it is better to invest my money in a Dividend Aristocrat.

My projected dividend income for 2018 for my Vrijheid Fonds is not affected by this sell.

Do or did you own GE? And what did you do with it after their latest dividend cut? I like to hear from you!




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5 thoughts on “Recent Sell – General Electric

  1. Snugfortune

    I believe you made the right choice. I do not own GE, but have a similar situation with LB. Sometimes it’s better to exit and invest the funds in a higher quality company. Why stay with poor business? Only because there is a fantasy of a future turnaround? Not the best idea in my mind. Personally, a dividend cut is an exit criteria for me.

  2. DivvyDad

    I haven’t owned GE but agree that it looks like you made the right choice. There have been a lot of people holding on, or even adding, in hopes that they will turn it around but it has been a dog. I think you’ll do better with that remaining capital invested elsewhere.

  3. Jung in Rente

    Hi Pollie,

    I completely understand your decision to sell. I think it was almost impossible to foresee the sudden collapse of GE and its stock price.

    For some time, I thought about selling put options on GE. However, I’m more than happy that I didn’t have the guts to do so.

    I really hope you will have better fortune with the next Dividend Aristocrat.

    – David

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