Recent Sell – Rights Bayer AG – 2018

I sold my Rights Bayer AG

Just before the close of the deadline I sold my Rights Bayer AG. In my post from last Sunday, I told you how many Rights I received from my shares of Bayer AG and what my intentions were with these Rights. For more information about the Rights of Bayer AG, just read my Post: What to do with the Rights of Bayer AG?






On last Wednesday, just before the close of the deadline of 12:00 AM, I logged in at my broker account. At that moment the Rights were trading around €1.29. So I filled in this price in my spreadsheet and saw the following values.




Rights to





Right Price

Stock Price Total



Share Price

2 11 1,29 14,19 81,00 184,19 92,10
4 34 1,29 43,86 81,00 375,86 93,97
6 57 1,29 73,53 81,00 567,53 94,59
8 80 1,29 103,20 81,00 759,20 94,90
10 103 1,29 132,87 81,00 950,87 95,09
12 126 1,29 162,54 81,00 1142,54 95,21


And if we take a closer look this table, you can see that because I need to buy extra Rights in order to buy some extra share with a discount, the initial discount on the share price is almost gone. The share price for Bayer AG at that moment was € 95.80



This is something I shared with you in my post from last Sunday. And therefore it didn’t come as a surprise to me. After I filled in my spreadsheet, I made the decision to sell my Rights. The following arguments were part of my decision:


  • The high cost of the total amount of extra Rights I had to buy;
  • My broker fees were €8 to buy the extra Rights;
  • In my opinion, the initial discount in relation to the number of Rights needed to buy some extra shares, was to low;
  • Bayer AG pays an annual dividend, and has already paid its dividend for 2018;
  • I can not easily recover all dividend tax from the German Government (I can only settle 15% with my Dutch income tax, the other 11.75% I have to try to recollect, which is a difficult process);
  • The current Dividend Yield (2.70%) is below my weighted average Yield (3.58%) of my Vrijheid Fonds;
  • The Rights prices were only declining on the last days before the deadline. In my opinion this means that the constitutional companies/investors aren’t very happy with the Rights and their conditions.



On the basis of these points, I made the decision to sell my Rights.

On Wednesday I sold my 12 Rights Bayer AG at €1.29 per share (excl. fees). With this buy I have collected € 7.48 of extra or special cash for my Vrijheid Fonds (after deduction of the fees).

The projected dividend income for 2018 for my Vrijheid Fondsis €3,507.

Again a small step in my journey and one-step closer to my goal. Did you own some Rights Bayer AG? And what did you do with it? I like to hear from you!



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