Volume Bonus by Bol.com

Bol.com has awarded me my first so-called volume bonus.

A suddenly higher balance with my Bol.com affiliate program pleasantly surprised me. When I did my homework for my side hustle report of this month (Side Hustle income report – September 2018), I saw an amount that I didn’t recognized. I suddenly had an outstanding balance that has passed the pay out threshold. My Balance is now standing on € 10.52.



At first I thought: “Yes, someone has probably ordered something very expensive.”

But that wasn’t the case. After some research I learned that I have been rewarded with my first so-called volume bonus of Bol.com.


Volume Bonus

Okay a volume bonus??

I wasn’t aware that these kinds of bonus exist. The volume bonus of Bol.com means that you will be paid extra for a specific number of orders via your blog.

I read in their Instructions that an additional commission will be paid (The volume bonus) when you reach a specific number of orders within your total account. Here is an overview of the volume bonus:

1 order: € 2.50
10 orders: € 5.00
20 orders: € 7.50
50 orders: € 10.00
100 orders: € 20.00
250 orders: € 62.50
500 orders: € 125.00
1000 orders: € 250.00

I really like the Bol.com affiliate program, because they have a cookie term of 5 days. This means that if someone surfs to Bol.com on Monday, for example, via your blog, and buys something there on Friday, you will still receive a commission on that purchase!



I was already very satisfied with the Bol.com partner program, but thanks to this surprising volume bonus, I now appreciate them even more! And my first volume bonus of € 2.50 made me cross the payout threshold. This money has been paid out to me in the first week of the month after reaching the threshold.

It is always nice to make some extra money just by doing nothing.

What are your experiences with Bol.com‘s affiliate program?

I like to hear from you!



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