Teaching my kids – The Series

Summary of Teaching my Kids Series


In august of 2015 I started this series about the wonderful world of investing. By writing these blog posts I try to educate my kids. And I hope my kids at the age of say 18, have all the financial knowledge I’m having right now. This would be a huge advantage for them!

I think when you educate kids about money, they will benefit from it for the rest of their lives. Or as the saying goes: “What is learned in the cradle is carried to the tomb”. And to educate your kid is your responsibility as a parent. And I do not take this responsibility lightly!

In this series I write blog posts about all kinds of different investment and financial topics. The post you are reading now is the summary of this series. Every time a new addition to the series is posted, I will also update this post.

I hope you like reading these posts. Feel free to share this knowledge. Together we can keep the “snowball of knowledge” rolling.




Foreword – For my Daugthers

The beginning

Getting to know money and the value of money

Learning to save and setting goals

Compound interest

The first € 100,000 is the toughest

What is a stock?

Dollar cost average

Allowance and learning money

Why dividend investing?

First things first

10 3 important dates

11 The Rule of 72

12 Tracking your expenses and start budgeting

13 Work and Money

14 Payout-Ratio


Dear readers on what kind of topic should I write a post about?
I like to hear from you!

And will you help me to get the “snowball of knowledge” rolling?



2 thoughts on “Teaching my kids – The Series

  1. Team CF

    Hey Pollie,
    Love this series. My suggestions for future topics, in order to broaden the investment and general knowledge, could include:
    – index funds / ETF’s
    – Selection of insurances
    – What to consider for a mortgage
    – What is crowdfunding and how does it work
    – Life: follow your passion, not your head (i.e. if you have to work, do something you enjoy)


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