Teaching my kids – Part 22: A birthday gift

Another post in my Teaching my kids series – Part 22: A birthday gift

As frequent reader of my blog you know that I’m writing some posts to try to educate my kids. I know they are still very young (8 and 11) but it is never too early to start. And they can read these blog posts later on in life 😉 (This is probably the case, because they don’t speak or read English very well at this moment!).

This is another blog post to keep the “snowball of knowledge” rolling.

I think when you educate kids about money, they will benefit from it for the rest of their lives. Or as the saying goes:

What is learned in the cradle is carried to the tomb

And to educate your kid is your responsibility as a parent.


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Hard to come up with a great present

When you have children, you probably recognize it. What kind of gift do you give them for their birthday? If they are still young, then it is easier because they are (still) happy with some toys. But as they get older, I find it increasingly difficult to give nice and surprising gifts. Especially because their wish lists are becoming smaller (or do I spoil them too much? 😃)

And when their grandparents also start asking us what to give our kids for their birthday, I feel even more stress. In recent years we have collected the gift money from grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts and uncles and added this together so that a nice big present could be bought. But this too it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose. Also, because from sustainability point of view, I also think it is a pity if I or my kids choose something that is rarely played with. I find nothing worse than seeing an expensive gift unused. I think that is a waste of money.


A brain wave

Now, you all know that I try to teach my kids a few things about personal finance. Hence, this is why I write this series. When I recently was thinking about gifts again, I got a brain wave. Why don’t I combine these two things? They don’t need more toys and a new game console isn’t also necessary every year. So, why don’t we invest their birthday money in their future? And by doing this, help them to reach financial independence (FI) a lot earlier than their old men.

So why don’t I deposit their birthday money into their investment account and buy dividend shares from it. I think this only brings benefits.



What kind of benefits you may ask?

  1. If you involve your kid in the investment decision, you teach them the beautiful thing of passive income.
  2. And next year it pays out dividend again. And when you reinvest the dividend, the dividend will only grow every year. So, actually their birthday present keeps growing, year after year.
  3. This way, they start investing at an early age and you also teach them the wonderful thing called compound interest.
  4. As I already said, they start investing at a young age and they find investing nothing more than normal. No cold-water fear to start investing when they are old.
  5. You never have to make an effort again to come up with gifts 😆


In my humble opinion, an investment account is the best birthday gift you can give. Because investing: you can’t start early enough with it! We already started depositing gifts on their investment accounts. Hopefully they deposit their other birthday money that they receive on their individual investment account.



This is my 22nd blog post about teaching my kids. I hope my kids at the age of say 18, have all the financial knowledge I’m having right now. This would be a huge advantage for them! And that’s why I started these blog post series.

What do you tell your kids about money and investing? What are the money lessons you have learned and teach your children? I like to hear from you!

Help me get the “snowball of knowledge” rolling and share this post.



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