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During our road trip, my wife and I talked about our finances. We had a real good discussion about risks and profits. We have organized our finances in a good way. We both have our own checking, savings and investing accounts. We are responsible for our own accounts. Besides own accounts, we also have joint accounts. In our household I’m responsible for the finances of our joint accounts. It grew like this, because I like doing it.

Besides my investment, of which you can follow the results on this blog, I manage, as I already wrote, also our joint investment account. This account has been set up after our oldest child was born. This account is our Education fund for our kids.

The stocks or mutual funds I buy for this account are based on my research and my decision. My wife completely depends on my wisdom and judgment. It my hobby 😉 Almost every quarter we sit down together and go over our finances and investments. This way, my wife is completely informed. This is the way that works for us both.

During one of these talks (of course with a good glass of wine and a really nice beer – yes we are only human too), we talk about what to do (financially) if the other one suddenly passes away. After this talk I (and my wife also) realized that she does not know very much about investing. She would probably sell all my investments and pay down our mortgage. Sure this is a wise decision, but this is not always the best decision. There are more options.

When discussing the options I realized the best thing I could do, is to educate. Tell about the wonderful world of investing. This not only for my wife, but also for my kids. So I decided to write some blog posts about all kinds of different investment topics. These posts will be written under the title Teaching my Kids.

I will write posts about the following topics (in random order):

  • Compound Interest
  • Saving
  • Dividend
  • Chowder Rule
  • Selecting stocks
  • Mortgages
  • Portfolio lessons
  • Financial measures (P/E-ratio, ROE, etc.)
  • DGI
  • Taxes (Dutch taxes)

Dear readers on what kind of topic should I write a post about?
I like to hear from you!



9 thoughts on “Teaching my kids

      1. E

        This is my first year of investing in stock. I haven’t done a lot of research, but these are questions that I have:
        – what is the 15% dividend-tax and do you always pay this?
        – is there difference in tax withheld from dividends outside- and inside the EU?
        – what are some important tax-rules you should know with stock / dividend investing?
        – when to use the W-8BEN form

  1. roadmap2retire

    Great topic, Pollie. My wife and I have been talking about this as well and we are in a similar boat – she does not understand investments as well as I do – and we have discussions occasionally so that I can educate her. I try to keep her up to date as well.

    Ive been thinking of writing a bit more on this topic as well on my blog – good to see that you are planning the same. I look forward to your posts.

    I think you have most topics well covered – maybe something about estate planning, tax shelters (if available in your country) should also be covered.


  2. Stalflare

    Lovely initiative, you and Amber Tree Leafs have a great approach to the family, I really wish that I can do something like that with my partner (we have no kids so far, but she tends to be very elusive when talking financial issues)… Anyhow I’d start from the basics… SAVINGS should be the introduction for me! 🙂



  3. Dividend Diplomats


    Great post and think it’s fun to see how couples manage finances. Who does what and who makes decisions? Is it one person or both? Are there frequent meetings and is it fun? More writing on this would be appreciated, as I love learning about this “softer” area.


  4. ambertreeleaves

    Excellent idea! It is on my mind as well. I actually hope that my kids at age 18 have all the knowledge I have now. Imagine what happens if you start the journey at age 18 and not age 38… Would be a major difference!

    Something I have not yet figured out: how to bring it in a way that interests them…. They are only 3 and 5, so plenty of time left. Never the less, they have a savings chicken that makes nose when you put in a coin.. they love it

    And so you know: I nominate you for the sunshine award…My post is on its way

  5. DivGuy

    Way to go Pollie! My wife is not really interested into investing and we have a totally different risks tolerance… But I sure do some teaching with my kids and hope they will apply some advice.



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