Side hustle income – December 2017

Side hustle report for December 2017.

As you already know I keep track of my extra income and hopefully I can use this extra income in the future to fuel further growth of my Vrijheid Fonds! Because I just started, I haven’t received any money on my bank account yet. So the numbers presented here are the accumulated revenues that hasn’t been paid out yet, but are in my social media-accounts.



Since October 2017 I published my side hustle income. I got a lot of reactions and suggestions from you reader. I’m thankful for that. Keep these reactions and suggestions coming.

You gave me some new ideas for new side hustles. I followed up on one of these ideas, which is now an extra side hustle for me. For more information on this one, please read on.

I also joined a member’s board of a company, which will also generate some cash by attending meeting.

Okay lets look at some number for the month of December. As I wrote, I now have five side-hustles going to help me generate cash for my Vrijheid Fonds. In this post I will report my accumulated revenues for all five side-hustles.


Google AdSense

My Google AdSense income is creeping up slowly. The payout threshold is € 70, so I have a long way to go to receive my first payment.

Month Revenue
May 7.74
June 4.80
July 3.18
August 2.79
September 1.67
October 6.00
November 5.47
December 6.91
2017 38.65

Most of the money is earned by visitors that clicked on adds on my site.

I had a lot of visitors tell me, that it isn’t allowed by Google to publish any financial data. That scared me a bit, so I dove into the small print and found out it is allowed. I found no restriction about publishing my net gross income. So I will keep publishing these data.


Month Revenue
July 0.54
2017 0.54


Month Revenue
June 0.08
2017 0.08



One of you tipped me to fill in surveys to earn extra money. So I looked on the Internet if this was also possible in The Netherlands. Yes I prefer Dutch surveys 😉 And I found one!

Euroclix is the longest running savings program in The Netherlands. I have read a lot of possitive things about them. With this program you can earn money by reading emails and participating in surveys. Euroclix gives 150 clix (€1.95) bonus when you bring on a new member, but you also receive a 10% commission of the earnings of the new members. Naturally, the applied members do not notice this. The more members you bring on, the higher your earnings are. A very interesting construction.

Okay lets be real, I don’t expect to earn a full income with this. I see it as a nice extra cash I can earn with a little bit of effort. I estimate that I can earn around 50 euros in the first year. By recruiting more members, I hope my income will grow.  If you’re Dutch and also want to earn a little bit of extra cash, sign up with Euroclix, it is free. You will receive a registration bonus of 2 euros immediately upon registration. You can become a member by clicking on the banner below. Have fun and success with earning some extra cash!


<a rel=”nofollow” href=”https://www.euroclix.nl/index?SRef=q9j6RxD8mRkUXnmK”><img src=”https://www.euroclix.nl:443/images/banners/250×300.jpg” alt=”Aanbiedingen bij webshops” border=”0″ height=”300″ width=”250″/></a>


This is my first try, if the banner doesn’t work click on this link

I just started this side hustle, so I hope to report some extra cash in the first quarter of 2018.


Members board

Through a friend of my I was introduced to a member’s board of a financial company. After an interview I was selected to be a member of this board (Yippee!). This board organizes at least 4 meetings every year on financial issues. As a member I’m asked my opinion about these issues and what I recommend as the best strategy for the company on these issues. When I attend a meeting I get expenses paid.

Besides the money it earns it is also highly educational, because all kind of issues are being discussed. The last meeting I attended was about retirement/pensions and what can be done to interest young people on these subjects. Luckily I know a thing or two about this 😉


Month Revenue
December 90,00
2017 90,00



In December I made a total of € 96.91 of which €90 was paid out to me. And yes I invested this straight into my Vrijheid Fonds.

It is a small start, but I love it.

I appreciate all of you who take the time to read my updates and follow along my slow and steady journey to financial freedom.

Do you have suggestions on how to improve my online income? Or do you have any other side hustle suggestions?

I like to hear from you.




7 thoughts on “Side hustle income – December 2017

  1. Dividend Diplomats

    Pollies –

    Congrats! This members board seems VERY interesting – is it specific to geography? When is the next meeting? Very fun, exciting and engaging, if you ask me! Pumped to hear more about it.


    1. Pollie Post author

      Hello Lanny,
      Thanks and yes this members board is from a local company, i was lucky that I was introduced by a friend. I think the next meeting will be in March. I will keep you updated when I know the subject of the meeting.

      Cheers, pollie

  2. Kyle

    You’re doing great! Don’t feel disheartened because your income isn’t going up month after month – the fact that it’s been relatively steady is an achievement in itself. One of these days you’ll get your “big break” and that income will shoot up 🙂

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